Issues that You Might Face While Working on MacBook from Home and How to Avoid Them

Working from home could be great if you consider the advantages it comes with. Unfortunately, working from the comfort of your bedroom, living room, or home office is a luxury for many.

It is even greater that you don’t have to deal with the stifling traffic of main roads and the impossibly hot weather. You don’t even have to deal with people if not for work.

However, this all comes at a cost. Almost 60% of employees admitted that they do not take the same safety measures regarding their PCs at home the way they did at the office.

This could be extremely dangerous, especially if their work depends greatly on email and the web.

One of the most recurrent issues that Mac users complained about while working from home is the “Sorry, No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed on Mac.”

When this issue occurs, usually, the clipboard has stopped working, which means the copy and paste feature no longer functions on your Mac device.

This could be disastrous because if you’re using your MacBook for work, then it means a lot of typing, moving files from one place to another, and lots of moving huge blocks of text from one doc to another using the copy and paste feature.

However, before you get upset about this possible issue, we have structured a guide to help you understand why this problem occurs and what you can do to stop it from happening again in the future.

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Why Are You Getting the Sorry, No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed on Mac issue?

Various reasons could cause this issue, some of them are simple and easy to solve, and others are a little more complicated to work on. These reasons include but are not limited to:

  1. Your MacBook could be loaded with too many tabs and websites: Most of the time, while working, you unintentionally open too many tabs as you are researching and multitasking. However, it is important to remind you that it would be best if you close these tabs when you’re done with them.
  2. Your Mac device needs updates: Always make sure to check if your device is up to date because, usually, new updates work on fixing bugs in older updates which might be what’s causing your copy and paste feature to malfunction.
  3. You recently downloaded a program or software: If you recently installed software or a program and this problem started occurring, it is probably due to this program containing corrupt files. These corrupt files could cause your Mac device to glitch often.
  4. Your Mac device has been infected by malicious software: If you don’t use a VPN like Private Internet Access, it is easy for viruses and malware to infect your device and cause it to glitch and malfunction.
  5. You opened a link, image, or video from an unknown email: If you recently received an email from an unknown source containing links or media, it might have been a phishing email. This type of email’s purpose is to lure users into clicking on links or downloading media in order to infect their devices and corrupt or steal their data.

It is best if you don’t rely on Apple’s built-in protection software and safeguard your MacBook with antivirus software, VPN, and Mac cleaners. Otherwise, you might be put at risk of losing all your work data to viruses and malware.

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