Level up Your Entertainment Needs with Tata Play

Entertainment is a significant part of our everyday lives; there’s no doubt about that. Movies, reality shows, sports, news – all these have kept us occupied since their arrival. Now, as things have gone a level up to the internet, we have started watching online content on OTT platforms.

The Indian television sector is dominated by DTH services, and the largest of all DTH service providers, Tata Play, formerly known as Tata Sky, has a significant contribution to that. Now, as OTT is gaining popularity among people, Tata Play is geared to scale up its position in overall content distribution with an all-new strategy. As part of the rebranding strategy, it forays into its two-years-old OTT services to make a mark in the industry and provide viewers with more accessible and convenient entertainment solutions under its roof.

Let’s unravel its rebranding to the core.

Tata Play: The Revolutionary Rebranding

Tata Play is bringing a wholesome TV viewing experience with a single platform.  At the core of the rebranding lies the idea to create a scalable and inclusive identity that will propel the company’s growth and facilitate diversification into other allied businesses.

While the world is cruising through a digital metamorphosis, Tata Play aims to streamline entertainment options on its platform.  Harit Nagpal of Tata Play, describing the rebranding, says that the new identity is the result of the brand’s desire to be future-ready and make entertainment better than today for Indian homes and families.

Let’s now proceed with the entertainment benefits Tata Play brings you.

Tata Play: Experience Entertainment Like Never Before

Tata Play has always lived up to the expectations of its viewers. Now it goes the extra mile to level up your entertainment experience to the top. Following are the services you get with Tata Play:

  • Seamless DTH Services

Standing tall as the most trusted DTH service provider in India, Tata Play provides you with numerous DTH offers and channels to choose from. You can handpick channels of your choice and add them to your subscription pack easily.

To enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, you can recharge for 12 months, and as per Tata Play Cashback, you will get an entire month’s balance as instant cashback in your Tata Play account. With the digital wallet offers, things get all the more irresistible.

  • Exceptional OTT Services

We all have been hooked on OTT for quite some time now. With Tata Play’s OTT services, watching web content is even more exciting. The new bundled offerings introduced by Tata Play, such as Tata Play Binge Combos and Tata Play Netflix Combos, are just worth subscribing to. These combos have the best of your DTH broadcast channels and unlimited content from your favourite OTT platforms.

  • Tata Play Services

India’s diverse cultures, religions and languages demand different entertainment services. So, the range of exclusive, value-added services of Tata Play competently serves the requirements. These services spread over the categories: Entertainment, Learn, Kids, Regional, and Devotion, to suit the specific entertainment needs of Indian viewers. The best thing about these exclusive services is that they are very much affordable.

Tata Play: Jingalala Solution to Your Entertainment Needs

Tata Play is the ultimate place to bid goodbye to all your entertainment worries. A unified platform providing all types of content you can think of, the company is the best in the market. Get your Tata Play DTH connection today and make your everyday life more Jingalala.

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