Lower Back Pain – Some of the Common Causes and Treatments

Lower back pain is quite common and can occur due to extensive straining, an injury, or even an accident. Although it may seem normal for a person to get pain in their lower back regardless of age, it is essential to get medical treatment for lower back pain in Livingston if it is severe and intolerable. 

Usually, lower back pain subsides on its own. However, if you feel that the pain is still present in your lower back, it may be a sign of a severe problem. Moreover, if your lower back pain is followed by other symptoms like fever, pain with bowel, leg weakness, pain during coughing or peeing, immediately consult a doctor. 

Causes of lower back pain:

Several causes may trigger and cause pain in your lower back; the following are some of the most common causes of lower back pain. They are:

  1. Though it is not usually discussed when dealing with back pain, arthritis can also be one of the leading causes of the extensive pain rising at a person’s lower back.
  2. An impact from an accident resulting in breakage of bones in the back can also be considered a cause for lower back pain. 
  3. Carrying heavy weights and staying in an improper posture for too long can also result in a painful condition, especially in your lower back.
  4. Trauma or injury. 
  5. Pulled or torn muscle or ligament. 

Treatments of lower back pain:

There are a few recommended treatments by doctors that can be performed at home to recover from a lower back pain condition, like the usage of ice and resting for a few days. 

However, the following are some effective treatments that might help a person to get out of it quickly:

  1. Inserting steroids into the affected area via injection by a doctor can lower the pain and reduce inflammation to recover from lower back pain quickly.
  2. Taking reliable medication treatment. However, note that you are consuming medicines prescribed by a doctor only. 
  3. Physiotherapy may also work for various patients depending on the severity. 
  4. In case the pain is unbearable and is associated with something severe, your doctor may also suggest surgery. 

Although lower back pain is common and occurs frequently, it is vital to understand the cause. Sometimes the initial pain that you ignore can result in a complex problem in the future. Therefore, if the pain does not go away in a few days, contact a doctor to help understand the underlying cause and get effective treatment!

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