Madden NFL 22 – Taysom Hill’s ‘Flashbacks’ Trump Card

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New Orleans Saints have an amazing versatile player in Taysom Hill, and although the 31-year old is mostly suited to play as a Tight End, he has shown his Quarterback skills impressively in his team’s win against Atlanta Falcons in December 2020, justifying his latest ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card today!

Taysom Hill has been playing in the NFL for a long time now, and he has never left his beloved New Orleans Saints even today, adopting various team roles to help the team win matches too.

In NFL 22, with new ‘Flashbacks’ Player Cards now introduced into the game, Hill will also receive his own player card update as well, enjoying a great position shift to Quarterback as shown by his performances in the Saints win against Atlanta Falcons in December 2020.

Hill’s newest player card now boasts spectacular stats like:

(QB) Taysom Hill’s ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card: OVR 96

  • Throw Power, THP (Passing): 97
  • Play Action, PAC (Passing): 97
  • Trucking, TRK (BallCarrier): 96
  • Break Tackle, BTK (BallCarrier): 95
  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 95

Hill’s in-game archetype is of the Scrambler, and his current market prices are estimated to be around:

  • Xbox: 150,000 MUT Coins
  • PlayStation: 160,000 MUT Coins

If you’re looking for a dependable player card to use in MUT, Taysom Hill is definitely up there amongst the best right now.

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