Michael Kors: An Affordable Upgrade To Your Watch Collection

For a reason, Michael Kors has been at the vanguard of the fashion industry. Although they provide various kinds of clothes and accessories that meet expectations, their watch collections deserve special attention for their uniqueness and variety.

Michael Kors Lexington and Michael Kors Bradshaw are two noteworthy lines from the company, both of which provide flamboyant and opulent alternatives. Furthermore, due to their distinct and modest personalities, both the Michael Kors Slim Runway and Michael Kors Runway lines have become cult favorites among fashion and watch lovers.

The Runway Series By Michael Kors

A trendy timer for everyone, the famous Runway by Michael Kors offers a broad range of beautiful and high-quality aesthetics to individuals from different cultural backgrounds. This Michael Kors Watch will definitely benefit both sexes because of remarkable appeal and reliability. The appearance of the timepieces in this line will also attract curiosity from a simple to sporty and complicated perspective.

Even though potential users may select from various subtle or bold dial colors, strap designs, and compositions, the models in this collection have solid characteristics, as seen by their same calibers and durable materials.

You don’t have to look to other brands whether you want time-only watches or clocks with chronographs or other complications; the Runway line offers them all. In addition, the collection includes diving watches and smartwatches.

The majority of Runway watches have a beautiful bright gold casing. The MK5473 version of this line, which retails for $149, is an excellent example of this. In addition, this women’s timepiece has a quartz distinctive movement with an analog dial, so you won’t have to think about the battery life because it will last you for a lifetime.

The Slim Runway Series By Michael Kors

The Michael Kors Oversized Slim Runway Gold-Tone and Acetate Wristwatch, commonly known as the MK4541, is an exclusive part of this collection. The acetate border and bracket complement the shiny and luxurious quality of the stainless bracelet with a touch of gold and case components.

This Michael Kors unisex timepiece may be used for your planned water activities such as swimming in the beach or pool, as it is durable for approximately 50 m. Unintentional spills and showers can also be endured. It also has a gold-tone design, thin and elongated hands with a golden dial, making the watch even more characteristic. This wonderful artwork is $225.

The Parker Collection By Michael Kors

The brand’s most elegant and complex line, its watches, is recognized for its glittering and glamorous appeal, with a diamond-studded top ring serving as the main point. In addition, the Parker line, designed specifically for ladies whose lives revolve around elegance, attracts a lot of attention because of its sophisticated and opulent overall structure.

Because of their sheer richness, you might be overwhelmed by these masterpieces at first. They’re also available in a variety of vivid hues and include cutting-edge technology. However, as you learn about their practicality and durability, you will fall in love with them.

The Michael Kors MK6660 model and MK5781 model are two excellent watches of rose gold-hued Parker watches. These two watches are quartz-powered and have stainless steel  cases and bands. The borders are likewise encrusted with dazzling gems, and their crowns and casebacks are well-designed.

The Darci Series By  Michael Kors

This Darci collection is designed to make everyone who wears it noticeable in any situation. All models become ideal instances of Michael Kors watches for women due to their dazzling and the stunning crystal bezels and palettes of neutral tone. Aside from that the timepieces in this stunning range are unquestionably appealing, they also have strong performance and reliable structure, having every cent you spend worthwhile.

The Darci Pavé Gold Watch, or known as the MK4513 model, is one of them. This model’s top ring is set with midsize valuable stones, as the name implies. Furthermore, this little timepiece is powered by a quartz movement that is powered by a battery. Finally, it has a gold-colored stainless steel casing that is 34mm in diameter.

Add to that; it also features a push-button fold-over that makes the watch easier and an additional security layer. Altogether, for about $250, you can get this Darci line gold watch. You can also use the two-tinted variant: the rose like tone with a touch of gold choice if you are interested in the feminine style, both with the same typical price tag.


Michael Kors is undoubtedly one of today’s most remarkable fashion companies, as seen by the breadth of its selections. In addition, Michael Kors showed that he was not scared of possibilities or experimenting despite his small history compared to the popular watchmakers.

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