Natural Weight Loss Remedies to Help Burn Excess Calories

Dr. Rohit Suri, a weight loss specialist in Fairfax, will tell you that gaining weight is easier than trying to get rid of the extra flab. Though fad diets and rigorous physical exercises might help you lose weight rapidly, your doctor may advise you to find a comfortable weight loss remedy to help you burn calories faster and naturally.  Failure to relieve your body of the extra weight, you risk developing chronic illnesses.

Health risks associated with obesity

You are at a higher risk of developing severe illnesses and health conditions when you are obese. The conditions you are likely to develop with excess body weight include:

  • High blood pressure type2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Sleep apnea
  •  Mental illness
  •  Gallbladder disease

How can you lose weight naturally?

Though fad diets are effective at helping you lose weight rapidly, they might leave you feeling hungry. Additionally, diets can make you shed off excess weight only to regain it later. The best way to lose weight is to do it gradually, without too much pressure. The various ways you can maintain a healthy weight with ease include:

Choose your liquid calories well

Use water, low-fat milk or small portions of fresh juice to quench your thirst. You may also take a glass of low-calorie vegan juice to cater to your hunger pangs in between meals. Learn to stay away from sweetened drinks and alcohol to prevent pilling calories fast.

Control your environment

Stock your kitchen or refrigerator with healthy options to choose from. You might also choose the right eatery that is likely to contain your urges. When going to a party, shack on fruit or another healthy alternative to prevent you from feeling hungry. Be selective when filling your plate. Additionally, if you need a second serving, wait for approximately 15minutes and take a glass of water to minimize your risk of overeating.

Trim your portions

Minimize your food intake by approximately 20% if you need to shed off weight. You can use a measuring cup to measure your food or use small plates, bowls or cups to control your portions.

Causes of weight gain

Weight gain is not necessarily an indication that you are overeating. You might unintentionally gain weight without excessive food intake or minimizing your daily exercises. Besides excessive eating, other factors likely to contribute to weight gain include:

  • Pregnancy. You are likely to add extra kilograms when pregnant because of your unborn child, enlarging uterus, increased blood supply and amniotic fluid.  
  • Hormonal changes. As you enter menopause, your production of estrogen hormone minimizes. As a result, you may experience a significant weight gain, especially around your hips or abdominal region.
  • Menstruation. Besides hormonal balances accelerating body weight, ovulation might result in water retention. The accompanying varying levels of your estrogen and progesterone hormones may also force you to have periodic weight gain.
  • Fluid retention. Also referred to as edema, fluid retention causes your abdomen, hands, feet and face to appear swollen, resulting in weight gain.

Losing weight can be daunting, especially if all the remedies you try are not effective. Do not despair with weight loss when you can consult your doctor to ask for professional help. 

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