NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Build Tutorial – How To Create Your Build

The new NBA 2K22 may bring some changes to the franchise, as well as the builds that will be required to be successful in both the NBA and online play. Built-in basketball avatars that you design are made up of pie charts that are divided into four primary categories: finishing (blue), shooting (green), playmaking (yellow) and defense/rebounding (red). Here are some tips to help you get your build right before NBA 2K22 drops. Be sure to follow these tips when creating your NBA 2K22 build.

NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Build Tutorial – 3 Tips To Follow When Creating Your Build

1. Save Your VC/2K22 MT

If you ain’t subbed up right now make sure y’all smash up that sub button. What you want to do is you want to save your MT NBA 2K22 MyTeam. You don’t want to be out here splurging on 2KMT because people in the park are doing it. They’re in the park with like 80 overall, 85 overall and they make sure that the outfit is drippy. Go out there in that brown shirt in them, gray pants and ball 85 overall but your stats is all the way maxed out and not only that don’t just start splurging in save that 2K22 MT. Because if you follow all these tips and then you still feel like your build ain’t what it’s supposed to be or it ain’t meeting the potential that it’s supposed to be. You got NBA 2KMT on the low to make another build. That way you ain’t dipping in your wallet.

2. Set goals

You need to figure out what squad you running with, who you running with, if you run into twos, If you trying to run threes, if you a pro player, if you just trying to grind out wrecked or even if you are MyCareer head. You need to figure out what your goal is for the year and you need to set it. Also, if you’re running with a squad, do not make the same exact builds. If your buddy’s a point guard or a shooting guard, don’t go out there. If you running twos and go out there with two guards if you running with a big man, if you know he wants to run a big man, don’t make a big man, make a guard or a small forwarder like that. Run with people that’s gonna compliment your builds.

3. Make sure you grind your build out

Don’t be out here with a 80 overall, 80, 85, 90 overall build that you ain’t even got the right dribble moves or you ain’t even got the right dunk packages and you complaining that your build is trash or that you can’t do this. You gotta be patient and you gotta learn how your player actually works. You gotta find a jump shot that actually works and you need to stick to it. That’s the key you need to stick to it. You need to learn your animations, that is key to being great at your build before you hop into the game or before you hop in the park, go into a private court and practice your dribble moves for at least 10 minutes or hit a couple jump shots just to get your rhythm going before you hit the park. That way that you ain’t out there embarrassing yourself and got your teammates looking bad and also feeling bad about your builds.

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