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Office relocation is a task that requires good preparation and planning. If you are relocating to Singapore, it can be even more complicated because of the differences in culture, language and lifestyle. Before you decide which moving company to contract for your relocation services, make sure to understand your needs properly and get multiple quotes from different companies. Here’s how to find the best office relocation company in Singapore:

Things you’ll need:

List of things you’re going to move: – calculate the volume and weight of everything on this list. Include furniture, hardware and anything else that will be moved during the office relocation process into Singapore. For each item write down quantity, dimensions (x width x height), weight and value. If you’re not sure of the total value of your equipment, take a look at its original price and current market value

List of additional tasks:

  • Are there any operations that need to be completed before moving day? For example, shutting down computer systems or transferring phone numbers or internet connectivity to a new office location in Singapore. Write down everything that needs to be taken care of first so you can plan ahead.
  • What should be done with business mail during relocation? Is it going to be forwarded by post or by other means? Will it continue as usual? You also have to keep in mind that there might be legal implications for sending resumes through email after closing one’s existing company. In fact, if this is not done with care, your new potential employer might become a target of a lawsuit.
  • What about the staff? Are you planning to move everyone in one go or not? If yes, when will relocation day be? How many people are going to move on that day and roughly when do they need to report for work at the new location in Singapore? Will you have enough time for this or should you hire some additional hands from a moving company in Singapore?
  • Do you need any equipment during relocation in order to get started with work immediately after arrival in a new office in Singapore? For example, computers, printers and so forth. Make sure your list is up-to-date. Because there’s nothing worse than being short on supplies days after relocation.
  • Will the relocation process affect your existing clients? Do you have any specific plans to inform them about relocation and address their concerns?
  • Get estimates from different companies: – look through a list of moving companies in Singapore. You can find it easily online so take advantage of this opportunity. Contact each company with details on your office relocation and ask for a quote. Make sure to receive price quotes for several types of services, i.e., Furniture removals, packing assistance, insurance coverage, etc. Compare the prices that are offered by different moving companies and choose a winning option according to your budget.

Things to do during office relocation Singapore:

  • Choosing an appropriate time for relocating is probably one of the most important tasks when office relocation in Singapore is concerned. Make sure you don’t move during peak seasons, such as Chinese New Year and Christmas. Also, avoid scheduling a move right after an expo or other big event that may require lots of staff attention.
  • Plan ahead: one of the main things to do before office relocation Singapore is planning your moves properly. When it comes to agency removals, there’s no better way than making a schedule well-ahead of time so that everyone can prepare for this monumental task.
  • make sure the new premises meet the necessary requirements such as proper power supply and connectivity as well as access restrictions (if any) on goods vehicles delivering larger items such as furniture, etc.

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