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The e-commerce industry is flourishing and expanding worldwide, including in countries like Australia. The revenue generated by this industry is massive and continues to increase rapidly. The advent of the pandemic in early 2020 affected every industry, but once people sought alternatives, this industry has boomed immensely. Everyone is shopping online, and this is not limited to outfits.

With features like the bra size calculator and a solid chart for underwear sizes, online shopping has expanded to lingerie as well. In fact, with attractive offers, discounts, affordable prices, and a variety to choose from, many have found it more comfortable to shop online.

While buying lingerie, the topmost preference should be given to comfort. Primary lingerie worn by women daily includes a bra and underwear. One should wash these pieces of clothing separately and rather gently.

There are a few factors to keep in mind while purchasing lingerie online:

  • Size:

Choosing the right underwear/panty size is much simpler than bras, based on the fit. If it causes discomfort, it should be discarded as it adversely affects the body shape. Choosing the right bra size is a tedious task. Measurements of the under and overbust vary as the body grows. It is best to restore the lingerie section after 8-9 months from the previous purchase.

In a survey, researchers found that 80% of the women were wearing bras of the wrong size, which is not a good sign in the long run, and it results in poor body posture and other effects.

  • Type:

Nobody can deny the fact that lingerie is subject to change based on the occasion. One must remember how the importance of the type of lingerie matters. A person can vary between sizes based on the kind of lingerie.

Though there is a niche that purchases only luxurious and high-end products, most of the public in Australia prefer affordable, casual, and comfortable products that suit the occasion.

  • Budget & Variety:

One perk of shopping online is having access to every single lingerie product a brand or company offers. Based on their budget, one can use the “filter” and check out the available types in the price range that best satisfies them. Lingerie available online can be of assured quality based on the brand, and users can take their time to select and buy their products.

  • Fabric:

A critical point to be mindful of is the fabric. Lightweight and stretchable fabrics offer the most exemplary level of comfort. The commonly used and trustworthy fabric includes cotton, silk, and lace. A cotton and elastane mixed fabric is also a good option. All in all, the fabric should complement the attire and not cause discomfort of sorts.

  • Bra Size Calculator:

Every brand’s website offers a bra size calculator as sizes vary across brands, and the wrong size may be a poor and uncomfortable fit. While taking their underbust and overbust measurements, one should not keep a stiff posture and note the correct values.

The sizing charts usually come with ranges making it more straightforward to figure out the size that would make a perfect fit. For example, An underbust size of 66cm and an overbust size of 77cm gives a bra size of 8AA and a hip size of 98cm, and a waist size of 73cm provides underwear with the size of 10.

  • Terms & Conditions:

One should be mindful of the websites they’re making lingerie purchases from. A website/app with the ‘return/exchange’ option is highly recommended as it portrays sincerity from the company’s side.

Shopping online has positively affected the revenue of many countries and shows the capability of humans to discover alternatives to cope with various situations like the pandemic.

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