Packing Your Fashion Clothes and Sandals For Moving

Packing clothes is not the most fun aspect of moving. It is easy to procrastinate on it and underestimate the work involved, leaving it until the last minute. But if you’ve ever tried that, you will know packing clothes can be WORK.

With a bit of organization, though, and following some best practices to simplify the task, you will find the whole process of organizing and moving your fashion wardrobe isn’t as stressful as it otherwise would be. Professional movers and packers can come in handy, but if you’re going the DIY route, this article sheds light on some effective packing strategies that will streamline your wardrobe-moving process.

Step 1: Organize, Declutter & Launder the Clothes

Fashion pieces are sensitive items. Make a point of cleaning the clothing and removing any stains first thing before you start packing your wardrobe.

Wash any items that could do with some cleaning – it’s always a good idea to pack clothes when they’re spick and span to prevent issues like molding. Then dry them completely before packing away.

Now is also the best time to assess your entire closet and figure out what needs keeping and what needs to go out.

So, organize your clothes depending on the season (and family member) and group like pieces together for putting into designated boxes.

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Any seasonal clothing you won’t need during the move should be separated, and take this time to also weed out all items that are either too old, rarely used, or have been outgrown.

Step 2: Pack Off-season Items in advance

After the organization, next start by packing off-season clothing ahead of time – that is, clothes you won’t be needing within 3 months following your move.

These won’t be unpacked straight away, so don’t forget to label the boxes. If you intend to stow them away for months on end, you’ll need to protect the garments from moisture and unwanted pests – or rent a storage unit.

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