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PDFBear: Quickest Unlock PDF tool on the internet

PDF is a file format intended only for viewing electronic documents. The most distinct feature of the said format is its capability to preserve the structure and layout of your original document even when transmitted. This justifies why most formal institutions resort to using PDF in their electronic documents as it maintains the integrity of the file itself.

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One of the reasons PDF is popular among its users is that you can encrypt it with the right tool. Once it is encrypted, the only people who can access it are those who know the password. This is an excellent way to protect your personal files and information from unauthorized access, which is prevalent in today’s modern day and age.

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The conversion tool challenge: dilemma with PDF

The option to Unlock PDF is indeed a god-sent gift that eliminates the risks of an unwanted breach. However, there is one problem. You cannot simply open it without the right tool. So if you have an encrypted PDF in your possession and even if you have the password that goes along with it, you still cannot open it without an appropriate and reliable tool to do so.

PDFBear is the solution to your problem

Good thing PDFBear exists. It is a website that allows users to perform any PDF-related process without paying the ridiculously expensive software price. Not only does it unlock encrypted PDF, but it also allows conversion of different file formats to PDF. Besides that, they offer other services, including adding elements to PDF, rotating its orientation, etc.

The four-step process in unlocking your encrypted PDF with PDFBear

Convenience and PDFBear might as well be synonymous with each other, especially considering how the first word is valued by the website’s creators. You only have to follow four steps to have a PDF version of your word file. First things first, upload your word document on the server by dragging the file on dropbox or selecting from your device. Either way works.

Once you have chosen the file you want to unlock, the website will show you a field you must enter the designated password. The third step is for you to click the “Unlock PDF” button, and it will begin the decrypting process. Afterward, you will be brought to a download page where you can do the fourth step, which is to download the PDF version of your word file.

Convenient and Swifty processing

As mentioned, one of the things that PDFBear prides itself on is the convenient experience it offers to its consumers. For one, the creators design the website to cater even to those people who do not have that much experience with website navigation. So, you do not need to stress yourself out, you only have to click a few buttons, and you are good to go.

As if that is not convenient enough, the process is only four-step, and the creators even posted it on the website so that you will have a guide if it happens that you forget the next step in the middle of your processing. Also, the processing is very speedy. You do not have to wait for an hour or two to have your PDF unlocked; two to three minutes will be enough.

Universal Compatibility to platforms

Another cool thing about PDFBear is it works seamlessly with different platforms. There are websites that cannot work with old devices and operating systems as well as non-mainstream web browsers. PDFBear is not one of those websites. The creators pilot-tested the website across devices to make sure that it can cater to everyone regardless of platform.

Protects the privacy rights of the consumers

Understandably, uploading files, especially personal ones, on the internet is scary for most people. Moreover, issues about breaches and misuse of information are prevalent with easier access to it. Hence, PDFBear ensures maximum protection to your files. The website employs a top-notch encryption tool, and it will delete the files an hour after the processing.

Save your device’s file storage

Software is not a preferable conversion too. This is because aside from the fact that it is expensive, it also consumes huge space in your device. This will, later on, cause your desktop to lag, and it can get frustrating. With PDFBear, you only have to use an internet connection. Everything will be performed with the aid of trusty cloud storage.

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In an age where technology becomes a part of our daily lives, we must explore the technology we should use to ease our routines. In cases of having to unlock a PDF file but you do not have a built-in encryption tool in your device, knowing that PDFBear exists will be your life-saver. The knowledge of this miracle website’s existence will come in handy.

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