Plumbing in Colorado: All You Need to Know!

As a profession that is highly respected in its industry, plumbing requires you to know about the basic requirements. If you are not already aware of this, don’t worry. We have compiled some of these for you here –

  • In Colorado, licenses for plumbing and plumbing contractors become invalid on the last working day of February, in case of odd-numbered years. Apart from this, a total of 8 hours of training is required every 12 months of industrial practice.
  • As far as the license to practice as a plumber is concerned, it is mandatory to have one. It is illegal to perform any plumbing activity apart from domestic work without having a license. To join this industry legally, you must register yourself as an apprentice and apply for a residential plumber’s license after two years of work under a licensed plumber. 
  • Once you complete your learning and training under a licensed plumber, you can also apply to get a journeyman license. After completing your industrial practice for 5 years, you can submit your application to become a master plumber in Colorado.

What is the Procedure to Get a Plumber’s License in Colorado?

  • The first and foremost requirement to get a valid license is to obtain an age of 18 years.
  • The next step is to register yourself as an apprentice. As per the legal context, a plumber is an individual who engages in learning and assisting in the installation of plumbing. If you want to establish a record of apprenticeship, you must complete your registration within 30 days of starting your work.
  • After getting an experience of 2 years, you are eligible to apply for a journeyman plumber license by paying the exam and license fees.
  • You must also take and pass the licensing examination to qualify for your license at each level. Please note that it is mandatory to take them all at once. You can choose not to apply for a residential license and continue your work as an apprentice until you qualify for the journeyman plumber license. 
  • You must also disclose the records of events and current status to the decision board if you face any felony convictions in your professional practice. 
  • If you appoint trainees under yourself, you must also file for worker’s compensation insurance and unemployment insurance. However, if you run your own business, it is safe to at least book a basic coverage of $100,000 for property damage insurance and $400,000 for general liability insurance in case of any mishap.

How is Enrolling in a Course Beneficial?

So far, we saw the basic details you should know if you are applying for a plumbers license in Colorado. However, you can have an edge over other candidates if you enroll yourself in a professional course to get real-time practical guidance. 

Considering the opportunity, you can enroll yourself in our Colorado plumbing continuing education training to get all the guidance you need. 

Here are some more benefits of learning the skills through a course –

  • When you take up a  certification course, you spend more time understanding the practical aspects of plumbing. You get to know about the tools you will use in your practice, the basic learning tricks of the trade. You get guidance from industry experts in the field with years of experience.
  • You also learn about the processes and procedures you need to follow when you will start your practice after getting the license. Honestly speaking, just learning about the basic skills is not enough to excel in a career. You also need to be well-versed with the ups and downs you will experience in your professional life.
  • When you learn directly from industry experts, you get step-by-step guidance about the challenges you will face in your professional career after getting the license. You get direct insights into the scenarios you will face once you start your practice and learn how to deal with them. Learning from someone who has years of experience is probably the best option to go with!
  • Apart from technical training, it is also important to know about the soft skills you will need in your professional career. Getting direct guidance from experts ensures that you already know how to deal with most of the ethical and technical challenges in your career.

Why Choose Us?

With RocketCert, you get the best practical and insightful guidance from industry experts who have years of working experience. With us, your education and training are completely guided by experts, which means that you do not have to worry about the credibility of the quality. As we strive to be the best practical learning providers, we can assure you that you will get the best quality of education and industrial understanding of plumbing. 

  • You get lifetime access to the training you enroll yourself in. Although we would ensure that you finish the course within the stipulated time, you can always come back and polish your knowledge.
  • Our course curriculum is entirely prepared by experienced industry experts. We have always believed in assisting you with the right solutions and guidance required for becoming a professional plumber with the best-in-class skills. Certainly, this cannot be possible without offering the world-class education you need to excel in your career. 
  • Since the training is an ongoing process, we can assure you that the training is available round the clock. As a result, you can start or stock your learning and training as it fits your schedule. You get pre-recorded sessions with lifetime access and validity, which is one of the biggest advantages of enrolling in our course. 
  • You can also access our plumbing continuing education course through almost every device, be it a laptop or a mobile phone. You can always start your learning anywhere, anytime, on the go!

With our 24/7 customer support, you can always reach out to us and ask if you have any queries or need assistance. 

Have a query to address? Get in touch with us and get complete guidance!

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