Practitioner-only supplements and their benefits

The majority of individuals take supplements regularly, some on their own and some on the recommendation of a naturopath. However, it is recommended to follow practitioner only supplements by a certified naturopath rather than adopting the advice of someone you come across via an online search for health, safety, and financial reasons.

So, what are practitioner-only supplements? As the name implies, Practitioner-only supplements are natural medicines that are listed or registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and are only available through licensed practitioners. Practitioner-only products are often subjected to extensive testing to verify that they are effective and safe. These supplements are not available for purchase and must be obtained through a health clinic with a prescription from a Naturopath.

Practitioner only supplements

  • Practitioner-only supplements are primarily composed of unique components or combinations of ingredients that aren’t often present in other supplements.
  • Practitioner-only supplements are manufactured by the finest firms that include rigorous quality testing in their manufacturing processes.
  • Practitioner-only supplements are specially produced at therapeutic levels that generate change in the body. Therefore we must get the treatment plan right first, followed by the right product.
  • Practitioner-only products provide a strong emphasis on GMP and sustainable and ethically produced components.
  • Practitioner-only supplements are not classified as medicine’ because they do not require a doctor’s prescription. They only need to be administered by a skilled health professional. Medications are identified by an AUST R number, whereas an AUST L number identifies vitamins, natural health products, and supplements.

Why choose practitioner-only supplements?

1. Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the quantity of an active component digested, absorbed, and metabolised through your body’s pathways. The body can then employ this substance component for its health and wellness benefits. Some practitioner-only supplements have a higher bioavailability, meaning they may be more helpful for some people.

2. Ingredients:

Supplements contain a range of active substances and inactive compounds that aid in the formation of the capsule, liquid, or specialised dose format. Practitioner products are made with the highest-quality ingredients and frequently combine many active substances in one product to provide various benefits and improve absorption.

What are the benefits of practitioner-only supplements?

We recognise many so-called health goods accessible in pharmacies, supermarkets, and health food stores.

So, what distinguishes practitioner-only items from the rest? Here are a few important benefits to consider:

  • Practitioner-only supplements are far more potent than any other supplement sold in a store. This is because it is expressly prescribed for you by a skilled practitioner. Because retail goods have a significantly lower dose, you might have to take more to get the therapeutic dosage that you’d get from a single prescription from a practitioner-only supplement.
  • Practitioner-only products include essential elements that your practitioner has recommended expressly for you to treat your health issues. Speak with your practitioner if any other things should not be included in your medication, such as wheat, dairy, nut, or animal items.
  • Prescription-only supplements may have a higher initial cost. But, they are more financially viable when the amount of the supplement necessary to get a therapeutic dosage is considered.

Therefore, Practitioner-only products ensure that you are consuming a controlled product that has been precisely prepared to improve absorption and supplement effectiveness. Scientific proof supports the efficacy of these supplements, which include better-quality components and are manufactured to higher standards.

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