Productivity Tips for Students, Do More in Less Time

Student life is so much fun – new friends, hobbies and so many opportunities. At the same time student life is also about lack of time, unfinished projects, unanswered emails, and no sleep. Going into adult life from High School might be challenging due to an increased number of tasks and responsibilities. Here, in this short article, we present some basic tips that can increase your productivity dramatically.

Besides, every student deals with numerous writing assignments daily with strict requirements and pushy dead-lines. Whether it is a report, essay, or Graduation assignment it may be hard to squeeze it into a busy student schedule.

Now going straight into the tips:

Do what you like

By doing what you enjoy, you significantly increase your productivity. This advice is obvious, but are you doing what you enjoy at work? So not something that you find enjoyable somewhere in the distance, but that you would also want to spend time on when you would not get money for it. By doing what you love and are passionate about, you spend more effective time on a task and get it done faster and better.

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Listen to educational audiobooks

While listening to educational audiobooks is not the best way to teach you new knowledge and skills and multitasking isn’t very efficient, you can listen to educational audiobooks during limbal (simple tasks that require little attention), such as when you exercise, eat cooking, doing household chores, sitting on the train, walking, having lunch, etc.

Make sure you are not disturbed at work

When you are engaged in a task that requires your full concentration, make sure you are not disturbed. Sit in a room where you cannot be disturbed, turn off your email and telephone and get to work on that task. By working with full concentration on a task, you also enter a state of flow more quickly. Every time people disturb you, it takes 15 minutes for you to get back into a flow.

Understand what you spend your time on

You think you may be spending a lot of time on your tasks. However, you will only know for sure how much time you spend on certain tasks if you keep track of the effective time. Keep a log of where you spend your time. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you keep track of what you spend your time on.

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