Puff Back Fires: Tips for Reducing Your Potential Risk

Do you run an oil-burning furnace in your home? If yes, you need to be aware of certain dangers associated with its use. Any furnace can experience a puff back. Despite being a common occurrence with oil systems, a furnace puff back can also occur with forced air, gas, and hot water heating systems. You never can tell when a puff back will occur. It happens suddenly. Once this happens, it releases fire and smokes out from your furnace. Any inflammable object or material nearby could spark a fire outbreak in the home. To remediate the property, you may need to contact a fire damage repair service expert.

Causes of Puff Back Fires 

The effect of this volatile explosion can damage your property, resulting in costly fire damage repair works. Overexposure to this fire, smoke, and soot can cause serious health risks, especially for those with weakened immune systems. The primary cause of this non-lethal explosion is an accumulation of vapor inside your furnace.

One of the major causes of this build-up is a lack of proper maintenance. It is vital to run periodic checks on your furnace to ascertain its condition. Replace worn-out parts with new ones. Clean your furnace and heating system at least twice a year. Have a professional assess your heating system to prevent the occurrence of a puff back.

What Not To Do Following a Puff Back

If your furnace gives off a volatile explosion, avoid doing the following:

  • Do not attempt cleaning soot residue without professional help. This is because soot and smoke residue do not come off easily. They require special cleaning methods. If you don’t get the cleaning technique right, soot and smoke residue will keep spreading to unaffected areas, further compounding the issue. Soot stains can set very quickly. So if you don’t know how to clean or wash away soot residue, leave it to the professionals.
  • Avoid using furniture affected by a puff back. In the same vein, avoid walking on carpeting affected by the fire. Seal off the affected area until it is properly cleaned and certified safe for use.
  • Do not use furniture affected by a puff backfire. This could cause further damage to your furniture. Reach out to a fire damage repair expert to help clean and restore your furniture as well as the affected area. These experts are better equipped to remediate the affected property.
  • Do not use any electrical appliance affected by the fire. Have them checked by a professional for soot damage. Electronics such as TVs and computers are vulnerable to soot damage. Do not turn on any electronics without checking them. You don’t know if soot has made its way inside them.

You can avoid this unnecessary expense by performing period checks on your furnace. Regular maintenance is a great way to detect faulty parts or an oil burner that may need replacing before the problem escalates. Leaving the problem unattended can be disastrous.

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