Purified Water: Know More Of Your Water Purifier

As the water contaminants increase day by day, experts and doctors recommend having a water purifier in every household. In fact, doctors also recommend letting your child drink filtered water only. As water contaminants have become one of the major issues these days, everyone should access a water purifier.

A water purifier not only provides you with fresh filtered water to drink but also can keep you healthy, fit, strong, and active. In addition, it ensures that your and your family’s health is well and prevents diseases like heart problems, kidney issues, and other gastrointestinal problems as well.

Additionally, if you need the water purifier service, you can always get that by calling the service provider or booking an appointment with them. Let us now focus more on some other aspects of having a water purifier. Stay with us until you reach the end of this blog.

The Importance Of Buying A Water Purifier

The role of a water purifier is undeniable these days. Water has contaminants, impurities, and unwanted particles within it, making the water more polluted. If you want to drink water without impurities, you should buy a water purifier. Maybe a RO or a UV water purifier. Both of these water purifiers will provide you with 100% filtered water. The service of these two water purifiers is up to the mark. You can take help from the Kent RO service Delhi, and they will be at your help as early as possible.

Now, let us briefly discuss the importance of having a water purifier. Stay tuned.

  • The water purifier will eliminate all the toxins and contaminants from your regular water and will provide you with fresh water to drink
  • The water purifier will dissolve all the harmful chemicals from your regular tap water and keep you and your family disease-free
  • The RO or UV water purifier will keep water-borne and other diseases like heart, kidney, gastrointestinal problems away from you and your family
  • The water purifier ensures that you do not have salty water or water with a deadly odor. And makes your regular water sweeten and odor-free
  • In fact, by drinking filtered water, you can prevent eye diseases as well. To add more, if you drink an ample amount of purified water regularly, it will keep your skin and hair hydrated, smooth, silky, glossy, and without frizziness
  • When you drink purified water of RO or UV, it will keep you energetic throughout the day and keep you more active

The Maintenance Of A Water Purifier

Do you mind the maintenance charges of a water purifier? If you are worried about the maintenance cost of a water purifier, then let us tell you that you should not be bothered about the maintenance of your water purifier. Whether you buy a RO or a UV water purifier, both water purifiers have minimum maintenance costs. All the parts of both these water purifiers need to be replaced once a year or after 7 or 8 months. However, the replacement of the parts depends on the contaminants that the water in your area has.

The RO Water Purifier

The reverse osmosis or RO water purifier has mainly a multi-layered filtration process. The sediment filter removes all the dirt, dust from the water and needs to be changed after 6 or 7 months. The carbon filter dissolves all the harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, and microorganisms from your regular tap water, and it needs to be replaced after using 7 to 8 months. However, the RO membrane is the major part of filtration, and it needs to be changed once a year. Although changing or repairing the parts depends on the contaminants that your municipal-provided water has. Call the Kent RO service Delhi to service your RO water purifier.

The UV Water Purifier

The ultraviolet or UV water purifier is used to disinfect water from various contaminants. The UV purifier uses advanced ultraviolet rays to purify water. And the UV lamp is the most important part of the purifier, and it needs to be replaced once a year. Furthermore, the quartz sleeve protects the UV lamp, so it needs to be changed once in 2 years.


The proper maintenance of your water purifier is needed if you want your machine to work efficiently. And you are sanitizing the water tank once a year or as per the requirement is a must. Additionally, the service provider will come with all the equipment and sanitize the water tank.


If you want to avoid any serious problem with these water purifiers, you can do AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). And these shall make the maintenance of your water purifier easy and hassle-free.

So, these are some points you need to keep in your mind before buying a water purifier. But, then, if you need water purifier service, do not hesitate to contact your service provider.


In a nutshell, a water purifier takes care of your overall health, and it also makes sure that you and your family are doing well by drinking a lot of filtered water. So, do buy a RO or UV water purifier today and enjoy the bliss. One can know everything that is very important for our daily life

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