Quartz surfaces -Advantages and selection procedure

Building a home will be a lifetime dream of many people. So while starting to develop one, the person usually tries to make it as per one’s taste. Most people have a basic idea of most of the house building plans. But some details like the flooring tiles and bathroom benchtops materials may be out of attention. These details are necessary to attain perfection. Many natural and engineered stones are used as countertop materials for various rooms. In Australia, different suppliers are available for granite, marble and quartz countertop materials. In recent years, the market for quartz countertop materials in Australia has risen due to its demands. Some of the benefits of quartz material over the natural materials are,

  • The uniform design of the quartz gives continuity and elegance to the places where they have been used. Other materials like graphite lack uniformity and are hence hard to work with.
  • The consistency of the quartz material gives it another advantage of easy repair. The lower chance of chipping off the quartz with the easy availability of a similar design makes the maintenance less complicated.
  • Everyone likes to make their house unique. One of the simplest ways of doing this is by choosing matching and fashionable coloured countertops. It can highly improve the looks and give the home a more aesthetic appearance. The wide range of colours available with quartz countertops makes it easy.
  • Quartz has a higher rigidity than usually used materials like graphite. It improves durability, and it is a feasible feature.
  • Unlike other materials, quartz has a nonporous surface that reduces the chances of wearing it. Also, this feature limits the possibilities of bacterias and thus makes it suitable for bathroom benchtops.


  • The selection of the quartz surfaces requires some attention. One of the most vital ones is the place where it is to be positioned. As per the area, the type, colour and quality of the item can vary.
  • Considering the traffic is another need in the selection of quartz surfaces. In areas where people often come into contact, the surface, the corners should be smooth, and the colour must be pleasant.
  • Dimensions have to be taken before cutting, as it is hard to repurpose a wrong size surface. Also, the weight of the quartz surface is significant while using it as tabletops.
  • The quartz surfaces are available in various finishes to make them suitable for different requirements. So the person needs to choose the appropriate finishing of the quartz surface.
  • The edge profile is also a consideration during the selection. Sharp edges are not suitable for areas where regular traffic is high. Accidental banging on sharp edges can lead to injury. The service providers allow the customers to select from several edge profiling options, and this process can also improve the longevity of the quartz surface.
  • Select the surfaces without scratches and breaks. The scratches on the surface can lower the aesthetics, and the cracks can become deeper over time. Both of these problems are highly unlikely to be faced in a new home.

Areas where quartz surfaces can be used,

  • Kitchen: In modern homes, the Aesthetics of the kitchen bears noticeable importance. The countertops have a particular role in making the kitchen elegant. Quartz surfaces are suitable for these purposes due to their advantages over other materials.
  • Bathroom: Even though it is a less traffic area, the elegance of the bathroom needs to be higher. With the wide colour varieties, quartz surfaces are the perfect option for this purpose.
  • Furniture: This may be a less likely segment to find the presence of the quartz surface, yet the furniture made from quartz is notably elegant.

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