Reason of Male Acne Hormones

You have been struggling through your acne problems as an adult. There could be many reasons for acne, such as diet, stress, or even maybe resulting from side effects of a few medications. But considering males, you may also have your acne linked to the male sex hormone testosterone.

We are well familiar with the vast functions of testosterone in a man’s body. It triggers male traits and sexual desires. But the question is, how would it link acne? Let us find the answer in the article below.

Acne problems in men due to male sex hormones:


Testosterone is a male sex hormone, steroid in nature. It is majorly found in men due to vital functioning in sperm maturation, but a small quantity is also present in women, making it a hormone playing a role in both sexes. The primary function involves the changes during puberty, maturation of sex organs of man, and development of facial hairs. The process in women is limited and primarily contributes to healthy ovarian function.


Acne is a widespread problem, commonly seen due to blockage of skin pores due to sebum, hair, or dead skin cells. Different types of pimples are seen to sprout, such as blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, or other types. These complications arise due to various reasons. But the main reason to study for today is hormonal acne.

Hormonal Acne:

Fluctuations in hormones could serve as a reason for acne to get started. Hormones are well linked to getting various processes of the human body, such as metabolism to get regulated. Sex hormones mainly include testosterone (found exclusively in men) and estrogen (solely found in women), involving the regulations of various sexual processes.

In men, acne could be linked to testosterone.

How does testosterone cause acne:

Testosterone can cause the increased production of sebum (produced by the sebaceous glands), causing oil that can clog pores. It makes a suitable medium for the bacteria to grow, causing acne.

Reports reveal there is an increased level of testosterone production in those having acne problems. Testosterone well enhances the working of sebaceous glands, causing increased levels of sebum and, ultimately, acne.

It is sometimes believed to be called a “side effect” of testosterone and is evident from why acne is so common at puberty (due to hormonal surges).

It is also observed that taking artificial testosterone for treating low testosterone levels can also cause acne problems.

Testosterone is not a significant hormone in females, yet it can link that androgen hormones, including testosterone, can cause excessive acne.

Balancing the male sex hormone acne:

There is not any straightforward way of treating hormone-related acne problems. However, changing lifestyles, treatments and medications can be proven helpful.

The production of body hormones is different throughout the life of an individual. Some hormones could be excessive due to their role in most parts of life, whereas some hormones could be active in only certain life circumstances.

As stated earlier, hormonal imbalances can lead to problems such as acne, which can be prevented by following a set of regulatory methods.

Changes in your diet:

Although a difficult task to be done, Dietary changes are surprisingly effective and can make a big difference. Some foods could help lower acne and side effects of sex hormones. You can start by taking the following diet into your meals:

  • Dairy Consumption: dairy can increase your androgen hormone, leading to increased acne. Therefore it must be chosen wisely to use such products.
  • Sugary foods: high sugar foods are usually seen to increase the risk of acne due to the production of insulin and association with acne.
  • Dietary Supplement: some nutritional supplements should be added to food that improves acne health due to their sex hormone production linked. Research reveals that fish oil supplements are good for acne.
  • Vegetables and fruits: healthier foods are added to the daily diet, such as fruits and vegetables, to detoxify blood and sex hormone side effects naturally.

The Bottom Line:

Acne seems not much harmful but can interfere with beauty; therefore, it must not be ignored. To avoid any other dangerous side effects of hormones like testosterone, try consulting your endocrinologist as soon as possible.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to male sex hormones and acne:

Most of the queries are well addressed in the above information. However, some of the questions which could sparkle in your mind are well answered below:

Can yoga and other exercises reduce acne due to male sex hormones?

Yoga and exercises can boost up your hormonal and other health leading to a healthy life. Therefore, it could prevent the destructive effects of sex hormones and serve as an excellent choice to reduce acne problems.

Is there any link between sleeping testosterone-induced acne?

Not getting enough sleeping or bad routines can cause hormonal imbalance, leading to a high risk of acne and other related complications. Therefore, getting good sleep may be a good prevention of acne.

Does acne over testosterone go away?

Yes. The reason lies that during the onset of puberty, testosterone surge can cause acne, which could be reduced over time due to hormone balancing.

How long does acne resulting from testosterone last?

Generally, acne clears up within 2-3 weeks if it may be caused by testosterone. But the periods could fluctuate depending upon the hormonal imbalance.


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