Replicating France’s World Cup Success (FROM worldcup22 content calendar)

It is no doubt that France is one of the teams in the 2022 FIFA World Cup that are deserving to win. Being the defending champions of the 2018 edition, they have a lot of reasons why the European team could replicate their 2018 victory.

Now that the upcoming World Cup is slowly approaching, France is well-prepared to dominate again the quadrennial tournament. Here are the top reasons why France will most likely win again in the World Cup.

Lessons learned

France lost to Portugal with a score of 1-0 in the final match of the European Championship. What’s even more painful is the fact that they lost in a match that was held on their own turf. Following their Euro 2016 finals defeat, the team have been preparing for the next international football tournament.

Their defeat against Portugal a few years ago has left them with a scar but also provided them with important lessons. The disappointing experience has made France improve their defenses in the coming years.

Mbappe’s footballing talents

Kylian Mbappe is the most formidable player on the French national football team. This is why his teammates have a high regard for the French football player.

Mbappe is known for his amazing talents on the pitch such as his speed, agility, and dribbling ability. He is also excellent when it comes to tactical intelligence and has a good physical build.

Considering the aforementioned qualities, Mbappe will definitely be a huge asset to the French national team and will lead the European team to the finals of the worldcup22.

Solid defense system

One of the few things that most people didn’t know about France is that they have a very solid core defense system. The pairings of Raphael Varane and Samuel Umtiti provide a strong defense for the national team.

Additionally, all of the positions of Team France are manned by the most talented players from European clubs. This is the reason why France is like a juggernaut whenever they are on the pitch. It is no surprise that the French national football team will dominate again in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The rise of Kante

N’Golo Kante is the most minuscule player on the French national team with a height of 1.91 meters. Kante was known for his excellent speed and agility on the football field. As a result, Kante was typically a nuisance for the opponents, such as suddenly appearing anywhere and dismantling attacks.

Despite being timid in person, Kante was a huge asset to the team. He will definitely have a huge role in making France go through the group stages seamlessly.

Coach Deschamps’s tactics

Didier Deschamps is the coach of the French national football team. He is one of the most successful football coaches in Europe.

Deschamps is a natural leader who has a rich experience in both playing and coaching. The 49-year-old manager has been a captain of several teams before he became the coach of Les Bleus.

The core strategy of Coach Deschamps is that he formed the team with a well-placed balance of inexperienced youths and seasoned players. As a result, the team is complete in the sense that players are well-integrated and move as one unit under the direction of Deschamps.

Final thoughts

Indeed, the victory of France in the 2018 FIFA World Cup is hard to replicate. However, there are many reasons why the French team could win again in the 2022 FIFA World Cup that is set to be held in Qatar. If you want to back up France, then place your wager on the world cup betting odds 2022.

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