Roman Reigns’ Favorite Music to Listen To

Roman Reigns, the American professional wrestler and actor, is known to be a fan of all types of music trendwait. Growing up in Pensacola, Florida, he was exposed to a variety of music styles, which have all shaped his musical preferences. Reigns often states that hip-hop and rap are his favorite genres of music. His list of favorite artists includes Eminem, Drake, and Future. He also enjoys listening to rock, with bands such as Metallica and Korn being among his top picks. Another genre Reigns enjoys is country, having cited Alan Jackson and Johnny Cash as some of his favorite country musicians martirenti. Reigns also takes an interest in Latin music. He has admitted to being a fan of artists such as Pitbull, J Balvin, and Ozuna. He has also noted that he likes to listen to music from his native Samoa, which includes traditional music as well as modern Samoan music. In addition to the genres mentioned, Reigns also listens to other types of music, including reggae, EDM, and pop. Overall, his musical tastes are eclectic and varied, giving him a wide range of musical interests magazinehut.

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