Serie A: The biggest Conundrum in Europe

We saw, over the last decade, a dictatorship of victory by the Vecchia Segnora, Juventus, as the two biggest teams from Milan slowly declined: Inter Milan was unable to rise, once again, after Mourinho’s achievements, and AC Milan ended up being sold to Elliott Management Corporation, losing their glowing brightness that was immensely apparent in the end of the century, up until 2008. Things have changed this year though, as Inter Milan managed to break Juventus’ winning streak, and strike the doubt on who is exactly the favorite for the victory on the long run marathon that is Calcio.

I invite you to look at euro 2020 in-play statistics, especially regarding the Italian National Squad, see who’s playing better, and see in which team they play in Italy. You might be surprised.

Inter Milan: Long Winding Road?

Although being the title owners, with the likes of Lukaku and Lautaro Martínez delighting the fans with their technical prowess and intensity, after the exit of Conte, and the rumors that Inter Milan desperately needs a fix in what refers to their financial health, it’s quite unsure if Internazionale will be able to maintain their best players. All we can hope it’s to watch the season unfold, and especially if Simeone Inzaghi can live up to what – Antonio Conte managed to do with one the Milan’s top squads.

Juventus: Will the Old Lady walk again?

Lead by Pirlo, Juventus faced disappointment after disappointment. The team seemed not to connect entirely, and specially the midfield and attack forces appeared to be out of tune.  Despite that, and if Juve is able to maintain Chiesa, Dybala, and other important players in the squad, we can expect the Old Lady to to throw away some of her freckles and fight for the Serie A title, with Allegri as her top commander.

Roma: Il Spezial

Right before the season ended, Paulo Fonseca was sacked and his “mentor” was effectively and officially named the next coach of the biggest team of the Old City. After a lot of speculation about which players Mourinho wants to be a part of the squad of AS Roma – we heard about Belotti, we heard about Sergio Ramos – he will certainly try to keep Dzeko, and take the best of players the like of Zaniolo and Cristante. AS Roma may be the biggest underdog, but one cannot despise the Special One’s effect in a team, considering he left Italy in the Olympus of football, managing to win Serie A, the Italian Cup and the Champions League in the same season.

AC Milan

Everyone who’s not a fan of AC Milan still look forward to see what Ibrahimovic would pull out of his magician sack as to surprise everyone: Zlatan talks big, but also walks big. Zlatan was the leader of a team that is pretty young, and as young as feverishly wanting to regain his worlwide status as a titan of European football. It seems as though CR7’s arrival at the league rejuvenated its competitivity, and now that Serie A is as open as it was in the end of the 80s and early 90s, the sleeping giants are keen on finally waking up and show that the Serie A is a top dog’s league, and can compete with La Liga and the Premier League in quality of players and football. We will see if this is the year Pioli can take AC Milan to the throne again, and celebrate the sparkling youth that is eager to conquer football’s fans hearts and eyes.

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