Snaggletooth Celebrities: From David Bowie to Madonna

Being a celebrity is a great desire for many! Celebrities enjoy great deals, treatment, and respect from different aspects and people. One of their concerns is looks and appearances, especially the teeth. That’s because issues with teeth can ruin confidence and total impressions. Fortunately, many celebrities with teeth issues have undergone dentistry and regained more beauty.

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The snaggletooth celebrities include

1. David Bowie

David Robert Jones, popularly known as David Bowie, was an English songwriter and singer. He was also an actor and a very influential musician. However, his tooth was like everything else about him: different. They were crowded, unaligned, crooked at the bottom, and his two front teeth overlapped.

After meeting a supermodel, his looks changed. He invested in extensive dental work and could smile confidently with a white-aligned tooth. That is the reason why the demand for Invisalign continues at pace.

2. Keith Urban

Keith Urban is an Australian- American singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He sang for many years with a large gap between his two front teeth. Later, he underwent a style makeover and the trademark gap vanished. If you’re having such a problem, Invisalign is your ideal option. You can find more information about it on reality TV and social media bring cosmetic dentistry into every lounge and bedroom.

3. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is an actress with a beautiful smile. She is a snaggletooth celebrity, as she admitted to having some dental work. She has a problem with a tooth that twisted severely in her mouth. Katherine is one of the celebrities already benefiting from Invisalign. She decided to fix her tooth problem through Invisalign, to have perfect teeth for her wedding party.

4. Ann Paquin

Ann Paquin is a New Zealand actress who was born in Winnipeg. She started her acting career as Flora McGrath in the romantic film The Piano and won an Academy Award. Ann has a gap between her teeth, but unlike many celebrities, Ann has no interest in doing anything about her teeth. She allows the gap between the teeth to grow and insists she is not insecure about it.

5. 50 Cent

50 Cent has been a famous rapper and actor for many years. He had a pair of front teeth larger than the rest set. He later underwent dental work to fix it after a fellow rapper made fun of him. Though the gap in his teeth is still there, 50 Cent underwent a procedure to modify the size to match the rest of his mouth.

6. Madonna

Madonna is a famous and fantastic singer. You’re probably familiar with the gap between her two front teeth if you know her. She used to be a big fan of her gap, and there were no signs she would want to change it. However, the gap has gotten smaller in the past few years. That’s due to some dental work that reduces the size and shape of the space. She now has perfect teeth and a beautiful smile.


Snagging teeth is a significant issue touching many people. The good news is that the condition is not permanent as you can undergo effective dentistry procedures such as invisalign. The above celebrities prove that orthodontics and dentistry are effective for all situations.



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