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Every day, the first thing we do, even before we open our eyes, is to feel for our phones which maybe on our beds or next to our beds. Once we find the phone, we open our eyes and start scrolling through our notifications and newsfeeds. Only after crawling through the various social media apps we do feel satisfied enough to get off our beds. Even while having that morning cup of coffee, or having our breakfast, our eyes stay glued to our screens, maybe answering emails or posting a picture or two to our socials.

Our devices are working constantly, and we cannot even for a second imagine an existence without them. The alarms that we wake up to, the calendars we mark on are all on our devices. The movies we watch on the way to work or during our breaks are on our phones. The only way youth stay connected to each other is through the smartphones. Even to book a train ticket or buy something we use the phone without a second thought.

What is Snap Cleaner?

Day by day the prices of phones have gone up, especially the well-known brands, so that having the right phone can make or break your career. So, people are willing to spend a fortune, even metaphorically speaking sell an arm and a leg to purchase the best phone at that moment, all to keep up their image in society.

So obviously taking care of the health of your phone is of utmost importance because not only are they almost priceless, but they also basically are needed for our proper functioning. Towards this end, many companies have come up with various apps that promise to keep your device in the best of health, but unfortunately most of them are so complex to use, with redundant features, that the user just gives up. Snap Cleaner is one such great app developed solely for your convenience.

If you are looking for Android Cleaner that is available on Play Store then try Nox Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, CCleaner, etc.

Features of Snap Cleaner

Snap Cleaner is of course an exception. It’s a very small app that consumes under tem megabytes of storage. It’s very simple to use and comes with a straightforward interface in two basic colors of blue and white.

At the top of the screen, you get a large image that looks like a pulsating supernova showing the percentage of internal storage used, along with the amount of storage used in gigabytes out of the total storage used.

Below this circular image you get a button named clean now, which when clicked will scan your device for junk files including Ad junk, temporary files and APK files. Once the scan is complete, and the culprits are discovered, they are swiftly cleared away. Below this button, you get two more icons:

  • Boost: which clears away junk consuming the RAM.
  • App Manager: which shows rarely used apps that can be uninstalled instantly.

Download Snap Cleaner for Android

Snap Cleaner does not available on Google Play Store. Therefore, you have to use alternative app store like AC Market. AC Market is the largest alternative for play store. First download and install AC Market apk and use its search feature to find this application.

You can install this cleaning application on your Windows without using Android emulator. Currently support only Windows 11 devices. First download and install AC Market Windows 11 app. AC Market Windows app allows you to install Android apps and games for free on PC.

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