So You Are Getting Your Fist Tattoo : What to Expect?

Tattoos are a beautiful way to express oneself through art. However, it’s a long-term commitment that can feel overwhelming. It’s normal to feel anxious before getting a tattoo and there may be a swarm of questions floating around in your head. Like, how to choose the right artist? Or, how much does a tattoo cost? How will I know the perfect design? Don’t worry, here are the right steps to take before receiving your very first tattoo.

What Tattoo To Get

A decision that will last a lifetime should be taken seriously. Or not. There are plenty of people who have chosen a tattoo on a whim and placed it randomly on the body. Others take the subject seriously and spend time before making a choice. Ask family members and friends what they think. Their opinions matter but also keep in mind that the decisions should be made by you and only you. Pick a design that feels right.

If you are having trouble, a tattoo artist will gladly help with a design. Of course, you will have to pay for the design but it will be made by a professional. Their job is to interpret what you will like displayed on your body. When you have decided on a design there is absolutely no rush. Take the design home and place it somewhere in a frequented area, like the living room or kitchen. Spend time with the design. It is important to be sure of what you want before placing it permanently on the body. Alternatively, it’s also best to not overthink it. If a design is perfect then you will know immediately.

Choosing A Tattoo Artist

So you have a design picked out. Now what? This is one of the most detrimental steps to make – choosing an artist. Research is key in finding the best artist in town but they come with a hefty price. Always remember that a cheap tattoo means cheap work. A highly reviewed artist will cost more than a lesser-known artist. Check out the reviews of the shop and the artists, most of this information can be found on the shop’s website. Read the reviews and take them seriously. A lot of customers will upload their ink on review sites and the image should speak for itself. A lot of tattoo artists display their work on social media as well. Find their handles and look at their work to see if it fits your style.

Lastly, introduce yourself to the artist and meet up with them. You will be spending a personal amount of time with the artist as they produce their work. It’s best that your personalities match and you feel comfortable with them. Seeing their designs and meeting them in person is a great way to pick the perfect tattoo artist.

Is The Pain Worth The Cost?

The number one concern about a tattoo is the pain levels. Honestly, it depends on the person, the design, and the placement of the tattoo. You will never know how it feels until it is time to receive your first tattoo. The tattoo artist will walk you through the steps and pain levels on your tattoo. Do not feel embarrassed to ask for a little guidance. The cost of the tattoo is paid through pain but also currency. Some tattoos can cost as little as $50 while others can be a couple of thousand dollars. No matter what the cost take the decision seriously, conduct research and the result will the perfect tattoo right for you.

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