Stars eat salmon to stay young

Salmon caviar is an ingredient in the top anti-aging cosmetic lines. Salmon contains the same set of nutrients but in a lower concentration. By acting on the body from the inside, salmon can delay the appearance of signs of aging at the level of several biological processes.

The examples of Hollywood stars confirm this.

At 59 years old, Demi Moore will give odds to any beauty. The actress prefers healthy fats – she cooks in olive or linseed oil instead of butter. In addition, her daily diet contains salmon, which contains essential nutrients and omega-3 acids.

Victoria Beckham’s good skin is the merit of proper nutrition. “Many years ago, I met dermatologist Harold Lanser in Los Angeles. I had skin problems, and he advised me to eat salmon every day. I asked again: “Every day?”, He answered: “Yes, every day: for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” Victoria said in an interview. Now Victoria is 48 years old, and looking at her, we can confidently say that she listened to the advice of a dermatologist for a reason.

Sylvester Stallone looks just great; almost any man can envy his form. It’s all because of the special diet that the star has been following almost all his life. Famous sushi master Henry Namoto claims that the actor prefers the classics among sushi and rolls – often, the star enjoys sushi with salmon. The actor treats fish with great love.

Although it’s hard to believe, Cindy Crawford is 56 years old, looking at her radiant skin and toned body. In an interview, the star said that she prefers organic foods in her diet and counts calories. Cindy loves to eat and does not hide it: “I like to dine with my family, of course, they love pasta with meat sauce, and I prefer salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus. The better you eat, the better you feel.”

All these stars have in common that they look and feel great, judging by their lifestyle. For a long time, they built their diet so that over the years, they would not lose but, on the contrary, improve their appearance and health. Pacific salmon takes pride in place on their menu. It is essential to pay attention to the producer and location of production of this most valuable fish. Kamchatka is the birthplace of wild salmon; its largest population lives in the peninsula’s waters. The company engaged in extracting wild salmon – “Vostochny Bereg/ Bering Seafood.” For more than 20 years, Vostochny Bereg has been a leader in the industry. The plant supplies only high-quality red caviar and salmon all over the world. By consuming salmon and seafood produced by Vostochny Bereg / Bering seafood companies, anyone can delay the signs of wilting and improve their health.

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