Technical Logistics Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

We are living in a world of zeros and ones, as the pace of digital development refuses to slow down and this transition involves a new generation of technical equipment to replace old mechanical and analogue machines. Touch-screen menus and complex algorithms replace printed circuit boards and this has spawned a new business sector, namely white glove logistics.

Here are some of today’s business sectors that rely heavily on technical logistics.

  • Banking & Finance – The latest generation of ATMs require specialist installation, which is provided by a leading company found at where a wide range of services await. Note counting and counterfeit detection equipment also comes under the umbrella of technical logistics and banks have standing contracts with technical logistics providers.
  • Healthcare – The medical sector makes good use of technical logistics; MRI and CT scanners and X-Ray equipment demand certified technicians to handle and install these highly complex items of equipment. As you can imagine, getting an MRI scanner into a 5th floor location is never easy and the technicians have access to state-of-the-art lifting and positioning equipment in order to achieve the goal. It is often the case when a hospital takes a demo package and uses the equipment for a trial period, which might result in a purchase, or the equipment is returned to the OEM.
  • Vending & Gaming – Touch-screen technology has exploded onto the scene and this complex equipment requires specialist handling. Installation and maintenance would be assigned to a team of tech logistics and next time you visit a casino, all the slots are maintained by 3rd party technical logistics.
  • Fitness Sector – The state-of-the-art fitness equipment you use in your local gym requires technical logistics to transport, install and calibrate; treadmills, cycling & rowing machines and weight-lifting stations. This type of equipment is connected to a network in order to manage and monitor the equipment.
  • Stocks & Shares – The commodity marketplaces and stock exchanges all need secure networking, which is provided by technical logistics companies. Online trading platforms such as Forex utilise cyber-security professionals to protect their transactions, while online banking would also be contracted out to 3rd party specialists.
  • Manufacturing – Advanced robotics is changing the face of manufacturing and these highly complex systems are installed by white glove technicians; many large factories are already automated and the tech support sector is a critical component to the whole operation.
  • Secure Telecommunication – When governments decide to have virtual conferences, they rely on the white glove sector to provide a secure connection; while the meeting is in progress, a tech team would be behind the scenes, ensuring that all is well. The EU is a classic example and the pandemic has forced member countries to use virtual conference solutions, which have been very effective in the stopping of the virus spread.

The above are just some of the sectors that rely on white glove logistics and if you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, the technical logistics sector might be for you.

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