The 6 types of Tile that You Need to Know Before “Building a House”

Everyone’s dream when thinking of building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน of their own and what follows after the construction of the house is done. The next part is decoration. Today we will bring you to know about the job. floor tiles To help in deciding to choose the right type and type as needed.

Many people will have a problem with which tile to choose. Want to know how many types of floor tiles are there? When you really have to choose a type of floor tile will have the right choice I don’t want to risk wasting money again if I bought the wrong one. beautiful design so that the house will come out beautiful But do not forget that choosing the right one for your use is also important. Let’s try to get to know the types of floor tiles before actually going to buy it.

There are 6 types of tiles that people use for floors or walls, including clay tiles. ceramic tile porcelain tile mosaic glass tile and marble tiles In one house you may see that many tiles are used. mixed species Each type of floor tile has its strengths and is suitable for different applications. We will explain further below.

clay tile

This is the tile that has been used for the longest time. Used since ancient times to the present. Tiles are made of clay that has been fired. Tile texture is matt, not slippery, good moisture retention. no heat The area covered with clay tiles is cool. It is a classic, beautiful tile that looks and conveys naturalness well and is cheap, but not very durable, easy to corrode, difficult to clean. Often encounter problems with moss coming to the island Should be applied to the wall or the area that is not exposed to water to help prolong the service life.

ceramic tile

It is a tile that most people like to use for flooring. Because there are many colors and patterns to choose from. Can be decorated in a variety of styles It is cheap and easy to buy. The texture of the tile is firm and has a relatively high strength. quite durable to some extent Can be applied to the floor or wall. Be careful if misused. It is not recommended to use wall tiles to lay the floor. because there will be a problem with weight gain Tiles can break down quickly. In addition, ceramic tiles also absorb water well. When wet, the tile texture is slippery. Should not be taken to the bathroom floor or areas that have been exposed to water.

porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are tiles that contain kaolin and other minerals. Through the high temperature firing process until the tile is homogeneous. Strong, not easy to break, resistant to abrasion. and less porous Porcelain tile has a water absorption rate as low as 0.05%, making it easy to clean. Not a reservoir of pathogens Can be installed in wet areas or outside the building รับสร้างบ้าน. And popularly used to pave the floor in areas that are frequently used, such as walkways, covering both indoor and outdoor use. There are various sizes and patterns to choose from.


It is the smallest tile. It looks like a small piece of tile. that are arranged on a net The tile texture may be glass. Stone or ceramic is bright, shiny, color does not fade or fade easily. Can be used to decorate the wall or desired area to attract the eyes and create new ideas as well. Different types of tiling patterns and suitable for installation on small and rounded areas such as entrance arches.

Mosaic tiles have good drainage properties, so they are commonly used for swimming pool floors. Not suitable for flooring in a wide area Because it is small, it may require a lot of tiles, plus the price is high, the cost will be too high. And it’s the hardest tile to clean. because there are a lot of grooves between the tiles

glass tile

Glass tiles are made by using glass pieces to form tiles. It has a glossy, translucent appearance. The colors and patterns are more durable than other types of tiles. It may look like a mosaic, but it has more luster. Can’t bear a lot of weight should not be used on the floor Suitable for use in decoration or laying in narrow spaces. Not popular in large areas Because small tiles are difficult to pave and the price is quite high

marble slab

Marble is a hard rock. born from nature does not retain heat The highlight is that there is a cold inside. When decorated, it gives a feeling of luxury. with a shiny appearance The pattern is streaked and looks flowing. Many people like to use it as flooring in hotels or buildings with architecture that emphasizes elegance, elegance, and class, creating a unique identity. But the price is higher than other types of tiles. have a lot of weight Treatment is quite difficult. Be careful about scratches Plus it is easily stained, not resistant to acid, not resistant to alkali.

Each type of tile has different strengths and limitations. Some are designed to be used for floors or walls. Some types are used for decorative purposes, for example, if they are used for flooring that requires a bit of durability, choose porcelain tile. If you want to use tiles to decorate them, choose mosaic or glass tiles. Or maybe you want a walkway that looks natural. Terracotta tiles are also a good option. I can see that choosing tiles doesn’t have a fixed formula. It depends on the usage. Let’s see which part you will use? What kind of tile would be the best fit?…

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