The Essential Guide to Dental Crowns

You might have seen people wearing dental caps. It is the best option to cover the broken or damaged tooth. Basically, the dental crown is the technique used by the dentist to shape, size and strength. So if you are the one who is worried about appearance and planning to have dental crowns. Then the Woodlands dental crowns will clear all your doubts.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown is essentially a cover for a tooth that has been damaged. Porcelain or metal are some of the materials that can be used to make it. One can have a crown in front teeth opr in molars too.

Why Is The Need for Dental Crowns?

If you wondering about the need of dental crowns, then the following points will clear you mind:

  • You can have a dental crown if your tooth is decaying or damaged. It is a good option to provide strength to weak teeth.
  • If in an accident any of your teeth suffered from injury or damage then dental crowns can be your good option.
  • It is also used to support teeth with large filling.
  • If the tooth is discolored or misshaped then the dental crowns can be a good option.
  • Further, if you are looking for cosmetic modification then you can go with dental crowns.

Dental crowns are also used with childrens to save their damaged tooth or the children with high risk of tooth decay.

Types of Dental Crowns

There are various kinds of material used in dental crowns such as zirconia, ceramic, porcelain, metal, etc. Dentists help you to pick the best material for dental crowns. It depends on various factors such as position of gum tissue, color of surrounding teerth, tooth location, etc.

Other than this , dental crowns are classified on various types:

  • Temporary crowns which are the crowns for a short period of time. In this procedure, the dentist uses adhesive to place the crown over the tooth and it is easily removable.
  • One day crown is another type of crown that is prevalent where the client will get the crown in a single day itself. In this approach CAM and CAD is used.
  • Onlay crown or ¾ crown which is used to cover the portion of the tooth not a full area.

Anybody who has a weakened, crooked or worn tooth can go for the dental crowns. Also, please read all about the procedure before booking an appointment.

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