The growth data of all hemp and CBD farmers in different areas is very detailed

From the Growth Variables data, it was found that the two species of Cannabis were Huai Mae Kiang and Huai Mae Kiang. Found an amulet planted at Ban Rom Klao Plant Center. It is less tall and more petite in diameter than cultivated hemp. At the Tropical Plant Center and around the Huai Tad nursery, This may be caused by the soil conditions in the area. Cultivated in sandy soil, low in nutrients, and is the area For many years, hemp has been insufficient. The fertile part of the three hemp species is: Huai Mae King meets the Buddha image, and Pang Ung is planted at the Somdet Botanical Garden. Her Majesty Queen Sirikit It was found that the time of planting affected the growth. Because Hemp is a Short Day Plant Planting during a short day will flower and fruit quickly, causing the stem growth to be reduced.

In fiber harvesting, it was found that growers harvested hemp plants at the age of 70-75 days. It is the period when the fibers are of good quality and fineness for clothing and textiles, but if they are harvested. At 90 days of age, the resulting fibers are coarser but more ductile. used to make ropes or other utensils, and when Comparison of 3 species of hemp grown in the same place during June found that the Huai Mae Kiang species planted. The yield was more significant at the center of tropical plants than the other two strains but in small quantities. which may be due to the methods of stripping the fibers are different.

The Ban Rom Klao Plant Center uses a method of stripping the fibers from the hemp plant. Dry in the sun for about seven times before peeling off only the outer bark. and is quite tricky to peel the central part tropical highland plants are easily stripped after harvesting. After that, the fibers are dried when studying the relationship (Correlation) of various factors, found that the amount of THC was related to the time of planting and correlation with CBD kaufen content, but there was a correlation in the direction opposite to the elevation of the planted area at a significance level of 0.05 was that the amount of THC tended to decrease with the elevation of the planted area.

More cultivated area

In the study, the fundamental constituents were THC CBD and CBD/THC ratio for use. Cannabis and marijuana were classified. When using De Meijer’s criteria, it was found that all three strains in the three experimental areas is classified as Intermediate Type with the exact CBD/THC Ratio. In ​​Chiang Mai Province and Tak Province, it is classified as Drug Type. CBD/THC ratio should be used as a strain indicator, which was found in the species. Each day had the exact CBD/THC Ratio at different ages. by cultivars Huai Mae Kiang, Pang Ung, and Phap Phra Mee, CBD kaufenThe mean THC Ratio was 0.87, 0.97, and 0.77, respectively.


The area where the temperature is relatively high And the amount of rainfall is not too much, causing the Cannabis to have a high amount of THC. About 1%, but compared to Cannabis, There is a clear difference. Cannabis contains more THC than 2%, the CBD kaufen/THC ratio of Cannabis is relatively low, which is about 10-20 times different from Cannabis, which is CBD/THC. This ratio should be used as a criterion for the cannabis-cannabis classification by promoting hemp as a cash crop.

In the future, some considerations must be made, for example:

  1. Economic cost-effectiveness There should be additional studies in the fields of production, marketing, processing and product development from fibers and cannabis seeds to add value.Including the possibility of utilizing hemp in industries such as the paper industry, construction material, Motor vehicles, food, cosmetics, etc.
  2. Rules and Regulations To promote hemp cultivation as a cash crop, It is necessary to legally waiver Regulations and regulatory measures by producing, selling, importing/exporting fibers or seeds and products made from fibers or hemp seeds. Including research studies for breeding must be under a control system. There is a permission system for growers and researchers. And the supervisory system, which must be strictly adhered to.

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