The Most Helpful Plugins and Extensions for Google Chrome

High-quality tools are the main weapon a programmer should have in his hands. With their help, everyone can make their work easier, increase productivity and efficiency because some tools help block Bob Casino, Netflix, and other entertainment sites, while others let you improve your coding and other skills. Let’s talk about the best plugins and extensions from Google Chrome.

Amino Live CSS Editor

An excellent tool will allow you to quickly customize your site with preserved CSS. The extension also allows you to create your own themes and skins, save them and use them as needed. Many of Amino’s features are built on automatic saving and integration at the right moment, which greatly speeds up the process.

ColorPick Eyedropper

It doesn’t matter how wide your web page is because even if it’s -1 pixel wide, ColorPick will show you what color it is. The handy eyedropper also has drag-and-drop capabilities for more fine-tuning.  

CSS Viewer

A simple extension allows you to quickly assess the used CSS code of absolutely any element – images, text, buttons, etc. Just point and click on it.  

Fonts Ninja

Perhaps the best font identifier that displays complete information about the font in a fraction of a second. The simple interface and the ability to save your findings in bookmarks is a nice bonus.


If you need to block ads, you should download Ghostery. This little ghost will get rid of slow loading pages full of annoying ads and protect your privacy. The whole internet experience will be more pleasant and faster with it.


This extension brings the world of popular github repositories to your Google Chrome page by default. With it, you won’t miss a single novelty, and you’ll be able to understand it through a small description.


A brainwashing helper will allow you to get an answer to a code writing example request. You can get hints at any time. They will all be saved in one place and you can evaluate them again at any time.


This is a great way to check the quality of the code you have written. All errors are displayed on the screen and sorted into 3 categories, allowing you to speed up the developer’s work.   


It’s an indispensable extension for working with multiple accounts on one site or social network. It allows you to log in to multiple accounts in a single browser window without using incognito tabs or other browsers. This tool is useful for creating community activity or promoting a hashtag. It’s convenient to use a personal and work account at the same time.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

This plugin’s simple interface, accessibility, auto-save, and high speed text generation is a great way to speed up the process of completing page templates.


A lot of features for working with GitHub will speed up the process of writing code and improve its quality. In addition, the whole system will have a convenient tree-like navigation for quick search and interaction.

Talend API Tester

The plugin will allow you to send HTTP requests and get responses to them, as well as evaluate the behavior of the API.


The tool reveals all the information about the technologies used on the site from frameworks to e-commerce.


It’s a simple extension that is needed to display all possible properties of fonts used on the page.

Window Resizer

The extension will help you adjust the screen size to implement resolutions, which is handy for web designers during layout testing.

JSON Viewer

This marker provides advanced options for customizing fonts, which will be an indispensable aid in JSON and JSONP printing.

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