The Role Of An HOA Board President 

Every HOA is managed by a group of people known as the HOA board. Each of these members has different tasks to fulfill and play a role in maintaining the community. Every group of people requires a leader to guide them in various tasks. In an HOA board, this leader is called the board president. 

The board president is responsible for overseeing the members’ works and assigning roles to everyone. If you wish to become the board president or are currently running for presidentship, you must know their duties in order to become a good leader. Being the leader imposes a load of responsibility which can be stressful. If you are struggling as a board president to keep up with your duties, Chandler HOA management companies can assist you. 

Duties of an HOA board president 

  • Leading meetings – As a board president, you must lead all kinds of official meetings in the HOA board, including the annual and regular board meetings. You should make sure that the agendas for each session are decided beforehand and the meetings run smoothly. When creating a change or introducing something new, you should hear the opinions of all the board members. 
  • Signing official documents – As the board president, you will be responsible for signing all community-related documents. These may include contracts, changes in rules and regulations, notices, stock certificates, leases, and community projects. 
  • Acting as a median – As HOA board members have their own jobs outside the board, they cannot always devote their time and energy to handling the tasks of the community. This is why many HOAs hire the services of management companies. Your duty as a president is to work with the management group and convey information further to the board members. 
  • Designating committees – Board presidents have the power to create specific committees for handling particular tasks of the community. For example, you can appoint a committee for arranging and overseeing a community event. The members of these committees may be board members or regular homeowners. 
  • Overseeing the community’s finances – While handling the finances is the treasurer’s job, the board president should approve their decisions. You must ask the treasurer for a detailed document of their plans and make adjustments if needed. If your HOA is self-managed, the president may be the only person responsible for creating the budget. 

Qualities of a good HOA president 

If you wish to lead your HOA board, you must make sure that you possess the qualities required for the job. Some features of a good HOA president are as follows. 

  • Leadership skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Eager to learn new things.
  • Welcomes criticism and is willing to improve themselves. 
  • Prioritizes the community’s interests above other things. 

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