The Widespread Popularity of Nomos Watches

It’s hard to accept that German-made goods were unwanted by the world at one time. It kept the quality clear. War and governmental problems have perhaps led to negative differences, which have made Germany’s robust hardware easier to crash. It took the German Werkbund (and the Bauhaus School afterwards) to get them back in full swing. The German Werkbund, set up in 1907, was a cooperation between artisans designed to influence public discernment and German commodities. Take the form of mixing inventiveness with intelligent business and skills. We never have Nomos Glashütte without the Duetscher Werkbund!

Why are Nomos watches popular and what are some of their Famous products?

Nomos Glashütte, founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990, is Germany’s largest manufacturer of mechanical watches, but it is the image’s plan philosophy that attracts the most attention. NOMOS watches are known for their Bauhaus-inspired design and offer some of the most outstanding value in the industry.

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While the business produces some more unusual items, it is the dress watches that are reputedly among the most significant value on the planet. These outstanding designs represent Nomos ‘ brand values: top-quality parts with a timeless vibe. Furthermore, each one contains a mechanical design that was designed and manufactured in-house. Here are three of our favourite picks.

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1. Nomos Tangente Ref. 101

The Tangente model exemplifies what Nomos watches are all about like no other: the now-eminent typography is a piece of art in and of itself, outstanding and elegant. A white silver-plated dial with five numbers in Bauhaus-style lettering is complemented with tempered blue hands. Tangente is a modest yet reliable strategy that is both excellent and simple to understand.

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2. Nomos Orion Ref. 301

Because of its reasonable, perfect format, Orion is the unanimous top pick of a substantial number of architects at Nomos Glashütte. Its dial has been stripped down to its essentials, evoking the best of the Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus traditions. Against a white silver-plated dial, this self-winding version features gold lists and distinguishing blue hands.

3. Ludwig Nomos Ref. 201

Ludwig is a vintage watch, but we mean it as a compliment. This is an official wristwatch: intelligent, traditional, and refined. Genuine watch lovers will appreciate the tradition of winding this watch every day the day before, paying attention to the slender hands, excellent railroad minute markers, and roman numerals. Ludwig is the slimmest of all Nomos watches, with a case diameter of just 35mm.

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The nickname “Glashütte” was placed under exceptional safety to highlight the stringent quality standards of one of the typical towns. Only firms which make 50% of a watch’s value in Glashütte can mark their timepieces as “Glashütte watches.” Nomos Glashütte extends beyond the needed 50% — and accounts for up to 95% of all development locally. It is awe-inspiring to a relatively young brand that Glashütte has found out how its safe exhaust (called the Swing System) can be produced; one of the remaining problems production had seemed to become a genuinely free producer. One of the world’s most beloved watchmakers is the new brand, recognized for its internal movements, modern design and firm value. Nomos has made a disproportionately significant impact on the watch industry while considerably younger than its neighbouring countries in the German watchmaking city of Glashütte.

What are the differences between us?

The Nomos observations, both incapacity in structure and theory, were based on these imaginative achievements. The brand is not bothered by history because it developed at age 20 to 30 years. They were given a new beginning to accomplish what they prefer to do with Glashütte watchmaking. It’s a bit of pacific disobedience.


The company’s self-sufficiency was essential to increase and develop its interest in domestic production. These features are essential to Glashütte’s halogen production and ensure that they remain in front of their rivals and remain relevant to a rapidly evolving worst situation.

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