Things to Check when Buying a Wood Router

A wood router is a powerful tool that is used by woodworkers to easily make cutouts, duplicate patterns, and sharpen edges, and cut joints and decorative surfaces. Deciding on the type of router to purchase is based on your type of operation. This article guides you on things to considerwhen buying a wood router.

Electric Power

A reliable wood router should have a high horsepower and motor speed to enable you to work faster and cut wood deeply. These are ideal for large bits

The heavy-duty routers have high motor speed and horsepower which leads to high consumption of power. This can be economical if you have heavy tasks but it is a waste of energy if you are operating a small workshop with simple tasks

Collet diameter

Some routers accept ½ inch and others ¼ inch diameter bits. It is economical to choose those that can accept both diameters to cover a wide range of tasks. Also,ensure that the collects are made of tampered steel which can grip much of the cutter shank, does not wear easily nor cause cutter chatter and the one makes it easy to cut the wood.

Handle grip

The grip on the handle should be comfortable to enhance ease of operation, machine control, and safety from damages.


The wood routers can be classified as palm, mid-size and full size. Their capability of performing various tasks varies. The palm routers can do simple tasks and the full-size routers do the large operations in big production operations. You can choose the one you can purchase at the affordable wood router price in Kenya that are relevant to your needs and budget.


Some routers are single-speed and other versatile routers have multiple speed adjustments. Single-speed routers are ideal when you use small bits. It is good for you to have adjustable ones so that you have all the freedom that you need to work on various types of projects that you have. This enhancesthe flexibility of operations.


Routers have different base styles which enable them to perform different tasks according to your needs. The fixed base is ideal for simple tasks like dovetailing and itenhances a quick ring style adjustment. The plunge base can perform more accurate and complex tasks while the D-Shaped handle has a switch that enables you to put on and off the router easily.

Big bases are good for heavy-duty tasks. It is also good for the base to be clear.


Depending on the type of project you are working on, considering a compatible space is very important. Wood routers have different sizes fit for small operations and industrial operations. Buy a size that you can accommodate. Large routers are fit for in-lay operations and small routers are ideal for work that needs the routers to be carried around.

Dust control

Wood work operations produce a lot of dust which need to be cleaned after work. Some routers have a vacuum for dust collection. This can make your work very easy and save you a lot of time


It is very important to purchase the wood router according to the requirements of the operations that you are undertaking, not forgetting your budget and economic benefits.

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