Tips for effective auto detailing

Regardless of how pathetic your vehicle’s engine is, if the exterior and interior of your car remains in good condition, you will always get compliments on it. In Canada alone, the car wash and auto detailing industry rakes 100 million every year. People simply love to own a spotless car. And, if you are one of those who just love their car, then here are some tips to go for effective auto detailing Edmonton to keep the exterior and interior of your car in tip-top condition.


Release the dirt and dust on the floor before vacuuming it

In order to avoid leaving dust and dirt behind after a long vacuuming session, you should release the dirt on the flood of your car. You can do this by taking a can of suppressed air or a scrub brush and scrub it on all the carpet. It will detach the dirt from the fiber of the carpet and help you get a more successful vacuuming result.

Clean the leather seat with organic cleaning solutions

While professional car detailing Edmonton companies know how to clean seats, a number of DIYers may be unaware of how to take care of leather seats. You have a wide range of cleaning products for leather seats. However, you should go for organic and eco-friendly products. Going for aloe-based cleaning products will never damage your leather seats and make it feel greasy when touched.


Degrease the tires and then clean them with non-acidic cleaning agent

Always clean the tires of any grease or grime before using any kind of cleaning agent. You will have a better cleaning experience of your tires. Once the grease is off your car, make sure you use a non-acidic cleaning solution to wipe out all the remaining dirt. Acidic cleaning products gradually strip your tires of the protective layer and add to their deterioration.

Use microfiber cloth to clean the car

Microfiber cloths are a staple inclusion in a car detailing session. They don’t leave any mark behind on your car body, even on the windows. They work as a perfect drying material and clean wonderfully and much better than cotton cloth or newspaper.

Never use dish detergent on the exterior of your car

A lot of people use dish detergent available in their house for exterior cleaning. However, they are unaware that dish detergent is the worst nightmare of an auto detail. Dish detergent wipes out the wax coating from your car. It also ruins the tinted window coating. You should choose high quality auto cleaning products specifically for cleaning your car.

Wax your car every season once

Waxing protects your car from scratches. If you are extra-cautious about the safety of your car, then going for car waxing will be really helpful. However, it is important to wax once every season to keep your vehicle’s paint protected from all minor external damages.

If you still have no idea how to detail your car professionally, then always choose reliable detailing studios such as First Detailing for the job.

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