Tips to protect yourself if you’ve been hurt on the job 

One of the most common injuries in the workplace is a slip and fall. These accidents happen for many reasons, including wet surfaces, spilled liquids, uneven walkways, broken floor tiles or mats. Slips and falls often result in traumatic injuries that can be costly to your physical health and finances.

With this in mind, here are some tips to protect yourself if you’ve been hurt on the job:

Report the Workplace Injury Immediately

Report it immediately so that there is an accurate record of what happened. Take pictures to prove how things looked before they were cleaned up (especially important if someone else cleans up). If possible, take a video as well. Collect any evidence like tools or equipment left at the scene which may have caused the fall. If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately.

To Receive Compensation, You Must Suffer an Actual Injury

If you fell and did not suffer any injury, workers’ compensation may not cover the cost of your medical bills or lost wages. Instead, they might expect you to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover any costs associated with the slip and fall accident. This is something you must get legal expert help with.

Injury claims can be stressful, especially when they stem from something that happened at work. However, knowing what legal steps you need to take after an accident makes the process much easier and less stressful for everyone involved.

Beware of Cut-Off Dates

Under California law, there are certain cut-off dates by which you must report a slip and fall for it to be eligible for claims under workers’ compensation. You will want to check with state laws to ensure you are protected.

Reevaluate the Site of the Injury

If you can, re-visit and photograph the location where you sustained the injury to evaluate possible changes that may have occurred since your fall (i.e., someone could come along after and clean up). Seek legal representation if necessary so that you get all of your rights protected.

Know your rights

It pays to know what benefits and protections you’re entitled to under state and federal employment law. At the same time, most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance (or a fund if they don’t). Unfortunately, that might not be enough if your employer fails to pay up because of shoddy claims handling or dubious tactics used by its lawyers. Your best bet is to get advice from someone who knows the laws in your state and knows how to serve your employer with proper notice of claim.

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Contact an Attorney

Get advice from a workplace injury lawyer who understands how best to handle your case to make sure you recover every penny you are entitled to. Workplace injuries often involve multiple parties, including but not limited to: workers’ compensation insurance companies, third-party insurance companies, or direct tort liability on behalf of the employer, each with its own set of rules and requirements.

If you have not already done so, see a workplace injury lawyer to discuss your options like workers’ compensation, a personal injury claim, or a defamation case.

One of the most common mistakes people make after slipping, and falling is thinking that they only need medical care for their immediate injuries. 

They often do not realize that over time they could develop chronic pain problems, especially with bones broken in the fall and other complications depending on the nature of the injury. Never assume that you will not suffer long-lasting effects from your workplace accident because you are young and healthy.

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