Top 3 Digital Trust Companies In UAE

The digital revolution has changed the way people interact and do business. The growth of advanced technologies has made it easier than ever to conduct business remotely and across borders. Whether it’s e-commerce or social media, the internet has opened up abundant opportunities for businesses operating in the UAE. Nowadays, trust and transparency are undoubtedly important values for every company, no matter its size or sector. So, how can you build trust with your customers? And how do you instill confidence in them that your brand is reliable and trustworthy? The answer is: through digital trust companies. The role of digital trust companies in the UAE has become increasingly important as e-commerce continues to boom. In many ways, they provide an intermediary service that helps online shoppers identify trusted brands while also assuring them that they won’t be scammed when making a purchase. Let’s take a look at some of the best digital trust companies in the UAE.


Since its inception in 2002, EDC has helped build a reputation of being the first port of call for many when it comes to¬†digital trust solutions. Operating under the Emirates Post Group, this semi-government company has a range of services to meet every business’s needs, such as digital onboarding services and digital identification and authentication services. The EDC is one of the best digital trust companies in the UAE and has a dedicated team that works to verify and identify trusted brands operating in UAE.


DigitalTrust is a company that provides a range of services to help businesses maintain high levels of web security. As the WebTrust certified Certification Authority, they have a range of services, including server and individual certificates, managed PKI solutions, national PKI services, professional services to assist companies developing their own PKI architecture, and the e-signature solution DTSigner.


Du was founded in 2006, and they provide three packages to businesses looking for a digital trust solution: strategy, compliance and risk management, infrastructure and data security, and their cyber defence centre. With the strategy, compliance and risk management package, your company could rest easy as Du would perform a range of tasks to ensure the security of your operation, such as vulnerability management, penetration testing, and cloud security framework. The infrastructure and data security package is similar to the strategy, compliance and risk management package. However, as well as vulnerability management, penetration testing, and cloud security framework, you would also receive unified threat management, privileged access management, DDoS protection, and more. Finally, their cyber defence centre provides you with comprehensive security management, including managed detect and response, device security management, and staff augmentation.


These are the top 3 digital trust companies in UAE that you can depend on to help you protect your online reputation. The teams of these companies have the knowledge and expertise to help you out in any situation. These services are necessary to provide your clients with a sense of security when they are conducting business with your company. As security is a growing concern, it’s important that your company has the best digital trust platform in place.

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