Top 4 design tips for a great restaurant

Opening a restaurant and creating an elaborate menu is not sufficient to satiate your customers. You will require the perfect ambience and fantastic interiors in your restaurant. After all, footfall is important for your business to grow immensely. Your customers will be hitched if your restaurant includes opening roof systems for outdoor space, heating and ventilation, proper lighting, eye-catchy entrance and so on. You can ensure that your restaurant will be the talk of the town. It will also influence customers and impact their ordering behaviour. So, read on to know some design tips that you can implement for your restaurant right away.

  1. Have an eye-catching entrance: The entrance of the restaurant is as crucial as the inside. Many customers come to the restaurant when they see how attractive the entrance is. Hence, you must design it exquisitely. You can add some signs, lightings, music or flowers since they are the first things customers get to see while entering the restaurant. You can also include the restaurant name in bold letters at the entrance to be readable for people from afar. So, if your restaurant is selling seafood, you can have an entrance with shell-shaped designs or an aquarium theme. For a jungle-themed restaurant, you can include a cave-like entrance. If you plan to open a restaurant that sells Japanese cuisine, you can have a ‘kirzuma roof style’ or a ‘yosemune roof style’ with a bunch of sakura (cherry blossoms) to depict their culture.
  2. Light it right: If you want to create positive emotions and deliver a memorable customer experience, you must install proper lighting in the restaurant. Lighting affects elements like operations and guest experience, including the atmosphere, food and drink presentation and the customer’s length of stay. In addition to this, it can hide flaws and enhance the furniture. You can also highlight the wall features, walkways, washrooms and enhance the back bar. You can have a semi-dark room with a tabletop filled with a pool of light to create an intimate space. Furthermore, you can utilise neon lights for a funky ambience. Most of all, creating the right mood can pull several customers to your restaurant. Well, your customers will keep on coming with their friends and family. You can ensure that it will be a favourite place for socialising and spending time with their loved ones.
  3. Heating and ventilation: The heating and ventilation must not be overlooked by restaurant owners. Typically, restaurants are considered difficult to cool and heat effectively due to the blazing heat in the kitchen that requires extra ventilation. Apart from this reason, the doors of the restaurants are opened and closed, often making it harder to cool. Instead of opting for old-style air conditioning systems, you can choose the VRF systems or Variable Refrigerant Flow systems. These systems have gained popularity in many restaurants. They are designed differently than conventional cooling systems. Within the same space, they can provide heating and cooling simultaneously. Your customers will be comfortable with no hot or cold spots. Moreover, the systems are noiseless and require less maintenance. Your customers will be definitely pleased with the ambience.
  4. Open roofs: Open louvre roofs attract customers immensely. After all, an outdoor space with amazing lights and decorated tables sounds appealing and romantic to many. So, if you install the opening roof systems, you can ensure that they will enhance the flow of your restaurant and allow your customers to enjoy the outdoors. During summers, you can angle the roofs to create space and protect your customers from the sun’s harmful rays. You can also allow the ventilation in that space to pass. They are versatile and add value to your restaurant. They also help in bringing down the costs of energy. Well, some restaurants close their outdoor space due to the changing weather. But with the louvre roofs, your customers will enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

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