Top 6 Careers in the Biotechnology Sector

Biotechnology is one of the most pursued courses among students coming from the Biology stream. Though candidates need to pursue it at a degree level, it is necessary to have a science background in their 12th standards, preferably pure science with biology.

Reports state the Indian Biotechnology industry holds more than 2,700 biotechnology start-ups and more than 2,500 biotechnology companies. Candidates can pursue this course on different levels including, BTech, BSc, MTech, MSc, and even BTech Applied Biotechnology is also there. 

Admission to this course generally sees the merit of the candidates in the entrance exams, though there are also some educational institutes where candidates can get admitted based on their merit in their previous exams. Also, you’ll find this course on an online course selling website.

Now, coming to the main theme, people aspire to take up the biotechnology course as it offers multiple careers opportunity to them. However, there are also some people who are unaware of the fact that Biotechnology can gift them. For that, here we are to tell you about the top 6 careers you can find in the biotechnology sector.


People generally think that to become a Microbiologist, studying Microbiology in their degree course is necessary. However, the fact remains the other, which states that if you have a biotechnology degree, then also you can become a microbiologist. You can also access the microbiology course via the best platform to sell online courses.

Microbiologists study various microscopic organisms and are responsible for solving an array of problems affecting the environment, agriculture, climate, and even human health. They understand the role of microbes in these areas and suggest preventions. The average salary of a microbiologist in India is nearly INR 5 lakhs.


Another great option to go for with a degree in Biotechnology is the job of a biochemist. This career is the branch of science that primarily deals with learning about molecules of life. They study various chemical as well as physical principles of biological processes, including growth, heredity, any disease, and even cell development, understanding and solving some particular biological problems. The average salary of a biochemist in India is over INR 7 lakhs.

Medical Scientist

Another top job option for candidates having a degree in Biotechnology is the career of a medical scientist. Medical scientists primarily study and research various human diseases as well as their conditions for improving human health. In this regard, they also study human body parts for understanding the diseases and find their suitable treatments. The average salary of a medical scientist in India is over INR 9 lakhs.

Biomedical Engineer

The career of a biomedical engineer also belongs among the top job options for people having a degree in the biotechnology field. These jobs primarily require innovation skills and they engage themselves in some problem-solving techniques in medicine and biology. They analyze and design various solutions to various problems in biology and medicine for enhancing the quality of life. These can range from computer software to various equipment and even devices. The average salary of a Biomedical engineer in India is over INR 3.5 lakhs.

Biological Technician

Biological Technicians are also known as lab assistants who do various scientific tests analyze them, along with work on various experiments. They generally work under medical scientists, biologists, or even microbiologists. They are responsible for using various ideologies of maths and science which helps in their research development as well as improvement. They also set up, operate and sanitize lab equipment for ensuring substances that should not be exposed to cross-contamination. The average salary of a biological technician is nearly INR 2 lakhs.

Food Scientist

One career, that many of the aspirants desire to become is food scientist, and certainly, a degree in biotechnology is likely to make you eligible for the same. Food scientists primarily study the makeup of the food, which include the microbiological, chemical as well as physical properties of food ingredients, and ensure the safety of the foods. They also initiate research, form, and develop food and various food processes. The average salary of a food scientist in India is over INR 6 lakhs.

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