Translation Services: Types of Translation

What kinds of translation are there if you’ve recently considered using language translation services in India or training to become a professional document translator?

The 4 different forms of language translations and how they operate are covered in this article. You must keep in mind, though, that translation is a large topic, and if you wanted to, you could categorize the many kinds of professional document translation into dozens of distinct groups.

Because of this, after examining the four most prevalent types of translation, we will also look at a few additional types that might be of interest to you.

The four most typical categories of language translation services include:

  • The literary translation
  • Licensed translation
  • Technical interpretation
  • Government translation

To help you better grasp what they are, we will go into more detail about each of these in the sections that follow.

The Literary Translation

The translation of literary works, such as plays, poetry, and stories, is the focus of this kind, as suggested by the name Literary translation (see for example Kindlepreneur.) Since the translator must accurately convey not just the words’ content but also the context, sound, and emotion behind them, this form of translation is frequently regarded as the most difficult or thorough. This also means that you should be familiar with both languages’ cultures well enough to translate any humour, feelings, or other similar aspects of a piece of writing. As you can expect, this calls for a wealth of expertise.

Additionally, even then it could still be challenging because sometimes there aren’t adequate translations. As an illustration, in poetry, when further wordplay, rhymes or puns are utilized, however, they frequently don’t function in the target language.

Licensed Translation

Professional translation is the following category of professional document translation. We often fall under this category for any translations that are utilized for professional purposes. A legal or medical translation would be two typical instances. The basic objective in this situation is often to translate everything as correctly as possible. Documents won’t contain any wordplay, such as puns or rhymes, unlike a literary translation, which makes the translators’ job a little easier. However, accuracy is essential for any kind of professional translation, particularly in fields where errors could have severe repercussions, like the legal and medical translation industries.

Similar to the aforementioned, more complicated businesses frequently need a professional to assure precision. Of course, a lot depends on the subject matter, but the translator needs to be more informed the more difficult the source language is. This is particularly true if there is a need for a certified translation or if there is a lot of business terminology employed.

Technical Interpretation

As the name implies, technical translation services are equally technical. Here, we typically discuss translating technical content for use by corporations, including:

Engineering Documents Users Guide

User manuals Technical training These kinds of papers frequently require technical translation services because the translator must thoroughly comprehend the subject in order to effectively instruct the user. Additionally, they need to comprehend the formatting specifications, and occasionally images need to be modified to make them understandable in the target language. It’s also vital to pick a firm or transcriptionist who is familiar and knowledgeable with your specific industry if you need a technical translation. If your company ever needs some documents like the ones stated above translated, this is the translation type you’ll be looking for because the content of a technical translation is typically extremely complex.

Government Translation

The documentation and management texts of organizations like corporate or local firms are translated using the administrative translation type.

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Translations services in India for administrative purposes can be categorized as a subset of professional translations. It doesn’t quite work the other way around because not all administrative translations are professional translation services.


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