Pressure washers guarantee the perfect solution for various cleaning tasks. They offer great control and performance when doing any washingtask. The price range is wide due to brand differences

A pressure washer is a handy tool used to wash away stains off of surfaces made of concrete such as pathways, floors, and more.These tools require specialized and delicate handling to avoid any damage to human beings or property. They work by releasing a high-pressure stream of water to the surface through the nozzles. For this reason, you need to know each brand and its specifications


They use various forms of power to release water at high pressure through a nozzle to quickly remove dirt off surfaces or outdoor chairs. This work is completed within a shorter time as compared to using a brush and scrub


Pressure washers are powered in three forms;gas, electric, and battery. These factors determine the pressure washer price in Kenya.

Electric powered

It is powered by an electric current

They are light and very easy to use with minimum or no maintenance. They are best for small jobs within the home setting that do not involve stains they do not release exhaust fumes thus being environmentally friendly. Their small sizes allow for easy storage

Cleansing periods can be much longer due to low pressure. The nozzles have no metallic finish which can be shaky at times. Cleaning is limited to between 25ft to 30 ft. which is the length of the cord

Gas Powered

The water pressure released here is quite high thus less washing time. It is ideal for large spaces such as driveways or parking lots. It is extremely thorough in its cleaning stains such as gum stains

They are very noisy. The high power produced makes it easier to sustain life-threatening accidents. Prolonged use of the machine can lead to overheating thus damage the machine


These are best suited for light washing activities like car cleaning. Thebatteries are multifunctional, they can be reused in a different machine needing the same battery. Fewer risks of accidents due to the low pressure

The pressure has a maximum limit of 500 pounds per square inch. They do not perform deep washing services


The nozzle is vital in the performance of this tool. It controls the angle and the intensity of water being released. It is found at the tip of the wand. The pressure washer price in Kenya differ due to this feature as well; washers with an adjustable nozzle are quite cheaper.There are two groups of nozzles


Also called the all-in-one nozzle are the most reliable. You can change the spray pattern with just a twist. Theygive a variety of settings including the replaceable nozzle

Replaceable nozzle

They can be changed according to your needs. These types here include Low pressure, 40 degrees, and more

Thoroughly read the manual before attempting to use it


The intensity of the water can rip apart the skin leading to serious damage

Zero degree sprays are very dangerous and cause serious harm to people and property

Use protective gear to control noise from the washers especially gas units

Wear protective gear from head to toe, no opening should be left

As a beginner, the widest spray angle is the safest

Be cautious when washing a car, the paint can be washed away instantly

Be at a safe distance of 6 inches and more when using the tool

Take turns lightingthe engine to avoid overheating

Use the device on a flat surface

Paint the nozzle away from people and pets


The cost is largely dependent on the brand, the type, and what purpose it serves to the users. Before using the tool, take time and learn how it functions either through the well-explained manual or other previous users. This helps in avoiding careless accidents when working. Generally, they have proven effective and up to the task. A popular brand to consider is pioneer pressure washer.

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