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Using Instagram to Grow A Small Business

In a business being able to market your product and engage with your customer is an important aspect to great success. Finding ways for your product to reach a large amount of people and standout amidst all your competitors can be quite difficult and may cost more than your wallet can hold. A potential solution for marketing cost can be through the use of social media platforms like Instagram. Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing social media platform. Getting Instagram likes can serve as a basis to how well your product is loved and received.

Using Instagram as a platform to promote and market your product can come with several advantages compared to the more conventional means of promoting your product such as:

  • Instagram is Free

A major advantage that Instagram can provide over other means of marketing is that it is free service. It doesn’t cost any money to register or use the platform and doesn’t have any sort limit with how much you can post or promote. This can effectively reduce any marketing cost you are paying right now and can even remove any marketing cost for smaller businesses.

While, towering brands such as Nike, Gucci and the like are also in the platform. Instagram being free and accessible allows any size of business to enter the fray without any monetary hurdles. It allows them to start building an audience base for essentially zero the cost with enough effort and time.

  • It is User-Friendly

Instagram is very user-friendly as it has a simplistic and minimalistic interface that makes it easy for anyone to view your account and posts. It also has an additional feature that allows the creation of business accounts. These accounts can be helpful as they provide statistics related to your account such the viewers, your numbers and the like. It can also be used to promote or boost your account albeit with a small monetary cost but nothing wallet breaking

  • Allows for Steady Growth

Instagram through their stories and like feature can allow your business to steadily grow as you gain more and more followers along with likes. The numbers you get from that can be used to gauge how successful you are in the time period and if you are growing as a business. 

Your likes and followers can serve as an indication of your dedication and hard work towards your business since the number of likes and followers can continue to grow in conjunction to your growing success as a business.

  • It Keeps You Engaged

As with all social media platform, communication is a prime feature among them. Instagram can keep you engage with your customer base as it allows them an accessible medium of communication. You can further utilize this as a way to gather data and information that can be used on newer and future product you plan on releasing.

Having good relations to you consumer base presents yourself as a mindful business that cares for their customers which further improves your reputation and can help expand your business even further.

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