Viviscal Hair Loss: What You Need To Know

Millions of people experience hair loss every year, and for many, it can be a source of great stress and embarrassment. If you’re having trouble managing your hair loss, Viviscal might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Viviscal is an all-natural dietary supplement designed to help reduce the effects of thinning hair. It works by nourishing the scalp and follicles with essential vitamins and minerals, while also promoting healthy hair growth. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of Viviscal, as well as some potential side effects to consider before taking it. We’ll also explore different types of Viviscal products and provide tips on how to get the most out of this supplement for maximum results.

What is Viviscal?

Viviscal is a 100% natural hair loss supplement that has been clinically proven to help both men and women suffering from hair loss. The active ingredient in Viviscal is AminoMar C, a marine protein complex that helps to nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Viviscal also contains Biotin, Vitamin C, and Zinc, all of which are essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Viviscal has been shown to reduce hair shedding by up to 41% after just 3 months of use, and over 60% of users report significant improvements in the overall thickness and density of their hair. In addition, 97% of users say they would recommend Viviscal to a friend or family member suffering from hair loss.

If you are experiencing hair loss, Viviscal may be the right solution for you. Talk to your doctor about whether Viviscal is right for you and start seeing results in as little as 3 months!

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many possible causes of hair loss, including genetics, age, hormones, and certain medical conditions.

Hair loss can be genetically determined. If hair loss runs in your family, you may be more likely to experience it yourself. Age is also a factor in hair loss. As we age, our hair follicles gradually produce thinner, shorter hairs.

Hormonal changes can also cause hair loss. This can happen during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or as a result of taking certain medications (such as birth control pills or steroids).

Certain medical conditions can also lead to hair loss. These include alopecia areata (an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicles), scalp infections (such as ringworm), and thyroid problems (which can cause an imbalance of hormones that leads to hair loss).

The Different Types of Viviscal

Viviscal is a dietary supplement that has been shown to promote hair growth in both men and women. It is available in three different formulations: original, extra strength, and pro-strength.

The original formulation of Viviscal contains the proprietary AminoMar marine complex, which is composed of fish proteins and other essential nutrients. This formulation is designed for people who are just beginning to experience hair loss.

Extra strength Viviscal contains a higher concentration of the AminoMar complex, as well as other ingredients that are designed to target specific areas of hair loss. This formulation is ideal for people who have more advanced hair loss.

Pro-strength Viviscal contains the highest concentration of the AminoMar complex, and is designed for people who have severe hair loss. It also includes additional ingredients that are designed to nourish the scalp and hair follicles, and promote healthy hair growth.

How Does Viviscal Work?

The Viviscal hair loss treatment system is a two-part system that includes a supplement and a topical scalp lotion. The supplement contains a proprietary blend of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are essential for healthy hair growth. This unique blend of ingredients is what makes Viviscal the most effective hair loss treatment available.

The topical scalp lotion contains Minoxidil, which has been clinically proven to regrow hair. When used together, the Viviscal supplement and topical scalp lotion work synergistically to provide the best possible results.

Here’s how it works: The Viviscal supplement provides the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth. The topical scalp lotion stimulates blood flow to the follicles and promotes new hair growth. Together, these two products provide everything you need to regrow your hair and achieve the results you desire.

Viviscal Results

Viviscal is a popular hair loss supplement that has been on the market for over 25 years. The company claims that their product can help with both male and female pattern baldness, as well as other types of hair loss. So, does Viviscal actually work?

The vast majority of the research on Viviscal has been done by the company itself, which is always a red flag. However, there have been a few independent studies conducted on the supplement. A 2012 study found that Viviscal was effective in promoting hair growth in women with thinning hair. A 2013 study found similar results in men.

So, it seems that Viviscal can help with hair loss, at least to some degree. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these studies were small and more research is needed to confirm these findings. Additionally, Viviscal India is expensive, costing around $50 for a one-month supply. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, there are plenty of other hair loss supplements on the market that may be just as effective.


Viviscal is a popular product for people suffering from hair loss. It has been clinically proven to help reduce hair thinning, stimulate existing strands of hair, and support overall scalp health. With the proper implementation of Viviscal into your daily routine, you can expect to see thicker and fuller locks in no time! Keep in mind that any decision made about managing or treating your hair loss should be discussed with your doctor first. With their guidance and expertise, together you can successfully tackle any issues related to Viviscal Hair Loss.

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