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If you are a marketer or someone who has an online business. Of course, you want your website to appear on the first page of SERPs (search results) so that users can easily access and use your services. But how do you know that Which pages of your website have been ranked? Or which page is falling in ranking shockingly?

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Today, Maewsom will introduce a great tool that is like a helper to check and check your website’s ranking conveniently. Regardless of any search term, you can Tracking to see the rank, that is, SE Rank or SE Ranking.

What is SE Rank?

SE Ranking or SE Rank is an SEO tool that allows users to check and check their own website rankings. or partner websites

(Besides SE Rank, there are other tools. Another thing that helps improve website SEO by providing a variety of insights such as Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc. Check out the features and choose the one you like.

What are the advantages of SE Rank?

– Users can check and check website rankings quickly and conveniently. Without in-depth technical knowledge of SEO, it can be used.

– There are a variety of features to choose from, covering keyword analysis, website analytics, backlink building.

– It is a tool for helping to make reports.

– Have a customer support team

– Constantly updating features and databases

– Inexpensive, suitable for beginners who want to invest in a good tool

– Suitable for multilingual websites

– There is a Mobile Application that can be used via mobile phones and tablets.

– Check keyword rank for multiple keywords at the same time.

Cool and interesting features of SE Rank

If you can’t imagine how interesting SE Rank is, let’s take a look at the cool features that this SEO Tool can do.

Website Rank Tracking

SE Rank can track the results of keyword rank by entering keywords by yourself. In addition, SE Ranking also suggests additional keywords to follow.

You can add keywords as a category to follow. blood that will follow this keyword in what country And can also choose whether to search through any Search Engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

SE Rank helps to check your website. It will scan the website to identify errors of the website in terms of SEO Performance, providing information that helps to improve the website to be more efficient. for example

– Pages with duplicates means that there are duplicate pages within the website.

– meta titles means checking the title tag of the website

– Identical title and H1 tags means detecting the same title and H1 tags.

– Duplicate meta description means detecting duplicate meta descriptions.

– 4xx, 5xx errors e.g. page detection 404 not found

Backlink Checker and Monitoring

SE Rank has a feature to check backlinks, which can be used to check your own domain or your competitors. And the resulting data can help analyze the effectiveness of your backlink building strategy and track your progress. For example, check for new backlinks and lost backlinks, check dofollow/nofollow/text links or images, check anchor text, etc.

Competitor Research

SE Rank has tools to help you do Competitor Research. Just enter your competitor’s URL or domain name. Just this will be able to access the competitor’s website information, including advertising and SEO, as well as see the overall performance of the website, such as Domain Trust, Page Trust, Organic Traffic, the number of keywords, etc., allowing you to see what competitors are doing. What are they good at? And what can we improve to beat our competitors?

Keyword Research

When it’s an SEO Tool, of course, you need to do Keyword Research. The SE Rank tool has various features. That helps support data analysis more easily. Whether it’s…

– Keyword manager

– Keyword difficulty score

– Related keywords

– SERP features

– Bulk keyword analysis

– Keyword grouper

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