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What Are The Benefits of Integrated Marketing, Anyway?

Integrated marketing is on the rise. But, what is this marketing tactic?

Integrated marketing is an omnichannel strategy to deliver a unified marketing message in every customer touchpoints you want to use. The message must be unified or aligned with your goal, consistent with your brand guidelines, and provide a seamless experience for potential customers. The result? It will create an excellent experience for the audience when they interact with your brand in customer touchpoints.

So, should you use it anyway? Yes, this marketing strategy prevents your brand from sounding disconnected or looking disconnected.

Besides, integrated marketing brings these benefits to your brand.

Higher brand awareness and recognition

The basis of integrated marketing is:

  • Unified marketing message in line with the goal of your brand
  • Consistent brand voice, tone, and identity
  • Seamless experience

The foundation to achieve them can start from brand guidelines. Create brand guidelines that bring consistency to your brand voice, tone, and identity. Use the guidelines to guide every marketing content your team will produce and use for your integrated marketing campaign.

As a result, an audience who encounter your brand on your customer touchpoints can be aware of your brand. Over time, they can easily recognise your brand, increasing your brand awareness gradually.

Meet audience in many different ways

Brands that use integrated marketing utilises an omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel means marketing your brands in many different ways, whether in real life or through a digital landscape.

In simple terms, your brand can meet the audience in many different ways. People can encounter your brand in a train station, your brick and mortar store, or when they browse social media.

Turn up in many marketing touchpoints

Your integrated marketing effort must bring your brand to turn up in many marketing touchpoints. You should share the news about your brand in the digital landscape, such as:

  • Create a website with beautiful UX design and optimised for SEO so you can attract organic traffic with your content
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing through YouTube

Also, you have to make use of offline channels too. Let people discover your brand in a train station, lift, or newspaper by advertising on each platform.

Get more leads

Turning up in many touchpoints will help you reach more people with your integrated marketing effort. The greater the reach you have, the more leads you can get for your brand. And when you know how to convert those leads into revenue, you can take your brand to the next level.

Receive data that matters for your business

Integrated marketing also utilises data. Pick your favoured analytic platform and use it to receive data for your integrated marketing campaign. You can use the data to help make decisions for your brand.

You can also get data for integrated marketing efforts in offline channels. To illustrate, place a trackable QR code on your advertisement in offline channels. You can get data like how many scans receive in QR code for a certain location, the time that your QR code gets the most scan, etc.

That is why people mention that integrated marketing combines the best of digital and offline marketing.

Keep customer experience in a satisfactory state

One of the customer touchpoints nowadays is your customer support. Bringing a pleasant experience for your customer support can help you maintain or acquire new customers.

You can do so by making your brand easy to reach on platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or DMs of your social media. You can also use chatbots to interact with your audience. Use those platforms to answer general inquiries, provide support, or track deliveries.

In summary, integrated marketing has so many benefits for brands. All the benefits will give your brand the growth you are looking for.

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