What are the best places to live in Florida in 2021?

By 2020, many people moved to Florida to take advantage of the abundance of sunshine and lack of personal responsibility. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to move back to their hometowns, which increased interest in beach neighborhoods.

While many people choose Florida as their retirement destination, there are urban communities in the state that stand out for more than greenery, beaches, and post-career relaxation—looking for another home where the metaphorical sun shines on you and your professional life? Here are the best places to live in Florida:


Tampa was voted one of the best places to live in the country this year not only because it is a very convenient city in Florida, but also because of its modest environment, with executives from the Associated Press, Citigroup, and Raymond James. It is also an exciting and diverse city. Tampa and nearby St Petersburg received a perfect score of 100 from the Human Rights Campaign for their support of LGBTQ+ people.

Cape Coral

From the outset, Cape Coral may seem like a retirement destination. Despite the high number of older people in the city – 20 percent of the population is over 65 – Cape Coral is becoming a destination for job seekers, especially in the healthcare and light manufacturing sectors. In addition, Cape Coral has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country in AdvisorSmith’s 2019 report.

These measures helped the city weather the storm of the pandemic when unemployment was 5.5%. If it’s a spring getaway you’re after, there’s also good coastal and holiday weather. However, suppose you’re looking for many personal expression and cultural opportunities. In that case, you may have to take a step back and choose a more metropolitan location.


In 2020, Orlando’s economy was hit hard by significant layoffs at Disney and the closure of the tourist season. Although unemployment remains high in the city at the end of 2020, Orlando is poised for natural rejuvenation. According to the Department of Labor, before the pandemic, Orlando had topped the jobs list among US urban areas for four consecutive years.

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Looking ahead, outside of the sports business, the city’s business environment has improved thanks to top companies such as Lockheed Martin, the University of Central Florida, Publix, and several medical clinics. Culturally, you’ll have to work hard and live like your neighbors, which means avoiding rest stops and exploring the city’s neighborhoods as equals.


When thinking of Miami, many people immediately think of the beaches, clubs, and innovators of South Beach. While these features are undoubtedly attractive to some, the region is much more than just a holiday destination. Miami offers cosmopolitan flair combined with beachside splendor and, of course, a clean climate: from the Caribbean flavors of Little Havana and Little Haiti to visiting the famous arts and crafts.

Healthcare is a significant industry in Miami-Dade County, with South Florida Baptist Health and Mount Sinai Medical Center. However, the city may struggle to recover from COVID-19, as tourism is a critical component of its monetary success. Read more MyEnvoyAir account.

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