What Crypto Exchange Has The Most Coins?

The cryptocurrency was once limited to bitcoin, with most crypto-only deals and a handful of other coins. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, and it has gained much attraction and value. It once reached $60,000, and most platforms are only known for bitcoin exchange. But bitcoin has made some severe turns in recent history, and dropping around 40% in just one month makes it a very risky coin to invest, especially for new users who are amateurs in coin investment and cannot bear any loss. But most platforms for crypto-only offer top 10 or some more coins to deal in, which is very hard when you are trying to explore a vast market and its potential.

Why More Coins Are Necessary For Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading is like a stock exchange business, but the companies are the coins in this. It is better to have a choice to invest in more currencies than putting all the money in the same basket. In this way, even if the coin goes down, the profit in other coins can make it up. Also, rare coins are cheap to purchase and are suitable for long-term investment because investing $2 or $3 may not seem too risky, but the coin rate can get 100 times or 1000 times more in the upcoming. Who could say that in 2009 that bitcoin would reach $60,000 when crypto prices were nearly $0. So, investing a tiny amount in more coins is better than investing all money in the same currency. 

What Crypto Exchange Has The Most Coins?

Many crypto exchanges offer more than 100 coins. Still, when you are looking for a vast market of crypto, you should consider KuCoin, which gives you access to around 400 coins, including common coins Bitcoin or Eetheruim and rare coins like WAXP or FRONT that cost less than $1 and has enormous potential. KuCoin also exchanges and trades these coins instantly without any hurdle at the 1005 market rate. There are many platforms that also offer more coins, but very few of them provide the leniency to interchange all of the coins. You can buy and sell any cryptocurrency from KuCoin crypto exchange without the need to transfer them to a standard coin. For example, if you need to buy WAXP for FRONT. You have to sell your WAXP for USD or any coin and purchase FRONT afterward. This dual transaction causes extra commission, and the prices may fluctuate at this time. In KuCoin, you can directly trade WAXP for FRONT.

Other Features OF KuCoin

KuCoin not only gives you access to around 400 crypto coins, but it also has many more features. It produces the real-time data and values of all the available coins on the platform. Moreover, it generates a history, leads, and predictions to better understand the outcome when investing in some coins. It also has a trading bot you can use as well as its coin known as KCS.

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