What discomforts can your menopause cause?

As a woman enters her 40s or 50s her reproductive hormones face a natural decline and lead to the ceasing of menstruation cycles. When a woman stops having her periods it is called menopause. menopause in Winter Park causes some symptoms that might last a few years; for most women menopause usually starts after 40, and a woman experiences it at different times after the age of 40 years. However, for some women, some medical conditions like having a hysterectomy will lead to early menopause.

Common symptoms

These symptoms can start to show before the periods stop and can last for some years. Each woman experiences menopause differently and the intensity of these symptoms differs from person to person.

  • Abnormal menstruation: A woman whose menopause is right around the corner experiences irregular menstruation that might be heavier or lighter than her usual periods.
  • Fertility issues: A hormone called estrogen is an important factor in a woman’s fertility and it starts to dip low as a woman is about to reach menopause. This lowers her fertility and hence the chances of becoming pregnant.
  • Hot flashes: Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms of menopause and majority of the women experience them. These usually start after the menstruation stops and cause the woman to feel very hot, and they happen suddenly. It causes a woman to sweat profusely, and sometimes can also form red patches on her skin.
  • Emotional changes: It is very common to feel emotional changes during menopause as the body’s hormones are facing a change. Women can go through depression and anxiety in this period.
  • Disturbed sleep: The hormonal changes that occur in menopause cause issues like night sweats and an increased frequency of urinating, which disturbs sleep.
  • Discomfort in the vagina: Most women start to feel dryness and itchiness in their vagina during their menopause.
  • Physical changes: Women go through many changes in their appearance owing to menopause. These changes can be weight gain, fat gain especially around the abdomen area, thinning hair, hair fall, change in the color and texture of hair, sore breasts, and urinary inconsistencies.

These are some commonly noted symptoms in women who are going through menopause. These symptoms can become very irritating for women who are going through it, a doctor can help them manage these symptoms in a better way.

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