What is nicotine E liquid?

The truth is, first of all, that E liquid isn’t actually the most common terminology used for modern vape juice at all, but vape juice itself being the go-to term, specifically for anything after the first generation of the technology. However, E liquid still is an accurate term for it, and much of the technology present in early E cigarettes is reused in the modern implementations, just superior in every conceivable way.

Nicotine E liquid, and the nicotine free version of E liquid both work the same way, just with nicotine E liquid containing slightly more components than the other. Salt nicotine is the big difference here, and salt nicotine is just pure, crystalline nicotine, the form used in quitting aids like gums and patches for many, many years. There is nothing left of the tobacco it was harvested from, and there’s nothing actually salt about it, this just describes the crystalline nature of the refined compound.

Nicotine gets a bad rap, though some of it is slightly justified. The problem with nicotine when it comes to smoking is that it is the extremely addictive substance that keeps people smoking and damaging their health. However, aside from the addictive nature of nicotine, the dosages found in smoking products and smoking alternative products is too minuscule to be harmful to healthy adults aside from that psychological addiction. It is not good for children or those with pulmonary, respiratory or cardiac illnesses to be using nicotine, before a full-grown, otherwise healthy adult, it’s not doing much to you aside from reinforcing and satisfying that addiction. It’s the smoke itself, or the tobacco juice depending on your use of tobacco, where the carcinogens and other irritants are present they can cause cancers, tooth decay and other un-desirable results.

The other 2 components of nicotine E liquid and general E liquid are actually pretty inert, that being a glycerin compound like propylene glycol or vegetable oil, and some sort of artificial flavoring. When inhaled, these break down into water and things that pass right through your system, and what little is actually exhale back converts into water and odorless nothing within seconds, eliminating things like secondhand smoke and residual odors among other issues.

If you did manage to actually exhale vape in someone’s face, which I have managed to do once or twice by mistake, the worst that could happen is they may sneeze, and no nicotine will be delivered to their system dues that being directly absorbed into your body regardless of how long you hold in the vapor before exhaling.

It is guaranteed that nicotine E liquid in general E liquid are far healthier than smoking, but the technology is still too new to guarantee that there aren’t any potential long-term health issues from their use. The technology is just too new, so we can’t make such a guarantee. However, the 3 primary components of vape juice is like this have all been widely used in other applications for quite some time, and no issues have arisen from their applications there. No one is expecting this combination to be any different.

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