What kinds of compensation frauds take place in Covington?

Fraud is a deception-based offense. People lie to gain money or avoid making payments in most fraudulent circumstances. The employer may lie to obtain a favorable settlement. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that many workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent. This article will teach you all you need to know about worker’s compensation fraud in Georgia. Workers’ compensation fraud is taken extremely seriously in Georgia. Forgery is punishable by the law, which imposes severe penalties and possible jail records on this page on both employees and employers. To know more, contact a Covington Personal Injury Lawyer.

Because of the potentially high costs, an employer may conduct deception to reduce the severity of an injured worker’s accident and injuries. The following are examples of employer or insurance fraud:

No workers’ compensation insurance 

Georgia law in Covington mandates that all enterprises with three or more employees acquire workers’ compensation insurance. The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation considers an employer who does not have enough insurance coverage to be non-compliant. If your supervisor doesn’t have the required insurance, they may refuse your claim.

Refusal to pay for medical care

In Covington, Georgia, injured employees are entitled to compensation for all necessary and reasonable medical treatment, medicines, diagnostic tests, specialist appointments, and other expenses. However, to keep the costs down, your employer or insurance provider may try to deny you adequate care. Do not sign any settlement documents if you suspect your employer diminishing your claim unjustly or that they are refusing you necessary medical treatment.

Your employer tries to bribe the doctor

When a workplace injury happens in Georgia, most companies list approved physicians. Despite taking oaths, to tell the truth about their patient’s health, there’s always the possibility that someone will bribe a doctor to reduce a worker’s ailments. To avoid being a victim of medical fraud, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion on your diagnosis from your family doctor. Doctors may disagree on patient care, but vastly different medical diagnoses and treatments may indicate fraud.

Employer firing you

The most shameful act of misconduct is when an employer tries to dismiss an employee to file a workers’ compensation claim to avoid paying a settlement. 

If you suspect that your boss is trying to dismiss you due to your workplace accident claim, you should consult with a top Covington personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will also assist you in reporting your employer’s bad behavior to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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