What to do after a car accident in Tucson?

A car accident is a mishap that can occur to anyone due to even the slightest negligence at any point in time. Sometimes it is not easy to understand what to do in such scenarios. This post will discuss what to do after a car accident apart from consulting a Tucson auto accident attorney, like Karnas Law Firm.

Call 911

Call 911 to report the accident and get medical help as soon as possible. Do not try to leave the accident site, as you will then break the law. Even if you have minor injuries, you should call and inform the police about the accident. Let the doctors assess the damages as sometimes there is internal bleeding or injuries which may prove to be fatal later on. 

Go straight to the hospital.

Once you have informed the police by calling 911, rush to the nearest hospital to seek immediate medical help.

Documentation of accident as much as possible

You should collect as much evidence of the accident by clicking pictures of both the damaged cars and by taking contact details of the witnesses so that you can provide this to your auto accident attorney. The lawyer would also need the other person’s car insurance information. You need not worry once you have all the documents with you, even if the police miss any documentation.

Call an auto accident attorney.

You should call the lawyer immediately and provide all the information verbally to the best of your knowledge. Please provide all the required documents to him. The more descriptive your explanation of the incident is, the better chances of you getting compensation and justice as your lawyer can then fight for you efficiently.

Do not talk to an insurance agency before speaking to your lawyer. 

Insurance companies try to do everything in their interest alone. So do not speak to any insurance agent before discussing with your lawyer. The agency might hold some statements against you, so it’s better to take advice from the lawyer first.


Accidents can prove to be life-changing stressful events that can hamper you both physically and financially. So it would be best if you take decisions keeping your senses alert. If you feel overwhelmed by the series of events after the accident, take help from your loved ones and your lawyer to get guidance.

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